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FOXES Magazine made it to the grand opening of The Shag Store at 8443 Melrose Ave and the line was wrapped around the building! People were very excited to see the new store's opening and waited for as long as 2+ hours to get a glimpse of the inside. People in line were handed limited edition postcards of an art piece by Shag as well. Once indoors, we were thrilled to see the walls aligned with numerous pieces of Shag's artwork; the colorful blue's, purple's and green's made the space look like it was straight out of 1965. They had a Tiki Bar set up with mixed drinks made on the spot, and strong ones at that, as well as a DJ playing fitting music for the space. In the back patio Shag was there singing books and pieces of artwork and greeting fans along the way. If you didn't swing by last night, make sure you step on inside soon!