PHOTOGRAPHY  Anya Sidorova
WORDS  Julian de la Celle

     In another installment of Fred Perry's Subculture Live series, founding member of Sonic Youth Thurston Moore performed at London's 100 Club for the first time in 30 years. The night also included DJ sets by Tim Burgess and an opening set from band Sorry. The club has a rich rock 'n' roll history in that bands like The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Rolling Stones and The Buzzcocks have played there in the past, but what many people don't know is that it first opened up as a restaurant and jazz club called Macks in 1942, hosting nights with American jazz acts such as Mel Powell, Benny Goodman and Art Pepper. The 100 Club is also known as being the home to the world's longest running Northern Soul all-nighter for the last 31 years, the 6t's Rhythm 'n' Soul Club, started by the late Randy Cozens and Ady Croasdell of Kent Records UK. It seems like a fitting venue for what the Subculture Live series has to offer.

     Fred Perry Subculture has always had a knack for finding the best new sounds in rock 'n' roll as well as collaborating with musical icons to create something more intimate and exciting. They present musician profiles where they'll interview a famous or even relatively unknown musician and then go further into the playlist of their lives, in this case with Thurston Moore where at one point he describes seeing Nirvana for the first time and knowing he "was at the best gig in the universe." You can read more HERE. It was incredible to see Thurston again in such a small space, paired with the energy you'd expect from a former Sonic Youth. We're very much looking forward to what's in store for Fred Perry and their Subculture Live series in the coming months.