60 Seconds With Aida Nizankovska

Jack Chambers @ Elite Models + Hugh Laughton Scott @ Storm Models


PHOTOGRAPHY Alice Zielasko
WORDS Aida Nizankovska


Michael @ Milk Model Management

Aida: What’s your spirit animal?
Michael: Erm that’s a weird question. A puffin I guess?

Aida: What did you eat for breakfast today? That’s more of a simple one right?
Michael: Okay haha that’s easier. Three of those chocolatey roll things.

Aida: All washed down with an Irn-Bru?
Michael: Actually I don’t drink fizzy drinks. Not even fizzy ginger.

Aida: This is unacceptable. I think you should be expelled from Scotland.
Michael: I’m sorry!!!


Finnlay Davis @ Elite Models + Aliou Drame @ 16 Men

Aida: Okay for starters how come you stole my sunglasses from me?
Finnlay: I had to snatch them before they got sold out! Well at least we both look super cool.

Aida: That’s true. So you’re about to walk Craig Green. What goes through your mind when you strut down the runway?
Finnlay: Oh all sorts of things. Keep calm, do your thing, focus, look at the camera. You know, the usual.

Aida: Hmm I actually thought it’d be something surprising. One guy told me he thinks of slaughtered horses to keep a serious face one.
Finnlay: That’s so fucking weird.

Aida: When you go to Paris, do you eat frog legs?
Finnlay: YES. Of course. They are delicious. It’s like chicken and fish put together. 


Bom @ Models 1

Aida: Ann-yeong Korea. How’s it going?
Bom: Hi, hi, it’s going great. Waiting to get ready for Craig Green show.

Aida: I’m sorry we interrupted your fag break. What are you listening to?
Bom: That’s okay. Umm Nothing But Thieves. It’s my favourite band.

Aida: Do you ever listen to CL? The biggest Korean treasure.
Bom: Haha oh dear, no not really. I don’t like K-Pop. I mean I do, it’s great, but it’s for girls. 


Lorenzo @ Elite Models + Jordan @ Wilhelmina Models

Rory @ The Squad Management

Aida: So guys, what’s your favourite band?
Jordan: Come on! That’s such a hard question.
Lorenzo: Yeah there’s way to many.

Aida: Okay, okay, how about this, what was the last song you played on your iPod?
Jordan: Aha! I can tell you that (gets his iPod out). It was ‘Life on Mars’.

Aida: I love David Bowie. I’m the biggest fan. What’s your favourite Bowie-era?
Jordan: Ziggy Stardust.
Lorenzo: Yeah, or Thin White Duke. Although I do like all of them.

Aida: Yeah, mine’s Ziggy as well. I used to fancy Mick Ronson. And ‘Five Years’ makes me cry. Straight away.
Lorenzo: (starts singing ‘Five Years’).

Aida: (starts tearing up).
Jordan: (starts laughing).
Lorenzo: It’s my turn now! Last song I listened to was ‘Under my thumb’ by The Rolling Stones.

Aida: Good choice.
Jordan: Oh and here’s Rory Cooper. Rory, what was the last song you listened to?

Aida: Hey! That’s my job. He’s getting a different question.
Jordan: I thought there would be no special treatment!!!

Aida: So Rory, what’s your favourite breakfast cereal?
Rory: I don’t eat cereal.
Jordan: Wheetabix!
Lorenzo: ‘Blabidiblah’. It’s very famous Italian breakfast biscuits. Italian food is just the best. None of this gross English cereal. But the best Italian food is definitely lasagna.
Jordan: Yeah. Yum. The best.
Rory: Mmmmm. 


Lucas @ Nevs Models

Aida: I love your style. Very French.
Lucas: But of course, I’m from Paris.

Aida: Do you ever go clothes shopping at Episode (best Parisian vintage shop) then?
Lucas: Oh yeah I go there a lot. And to Kilo Shop. Oh well, not anymore, I used to go there a lot.

Aida: And you have really cool rings too.
Lucas: Thanks, I collect them. I find them all around the place, and then forget where I got them.

Aida: Forgetful. But can you remember what was the first record you ever bought?
Lucas: Yes I remember that! It was Wu Tang Clan.

Aida: Would you sing Wu Tang at karaoke then?
Lucas: No, never. I’m a terrible singer. I went many times but I was always too embarrassed to sing anything. 

Ilja @ Milk Model Management

Serge @ Elite Models