Brooks Nielsen (of The Growlers) shot by Carolina Faruolo.


PHOTOGRAPHY Carolina Faruolo
WORDS Julian de la Celle

     Roughly 5,443 miles away from home, The Growlers took on the Electric Brixton in London to a sold out, packed crowd on Tuesday night. I've seen them countless times in their hometown of Orange County/Los Angeles but was blown away by the overwhelming fan base they have in London. The crowd was going absolutely insane for them, even singing along to new songs off of the new album City Club, completely memorized. I myself am a huge fan of their past albums and finally, after seeing them 10+ times, they played one of my favorite songs "Monotonia" followed by another favorite "Badlands." The roughly hour and a half set was full of both new and old songs later echoed by vocalist and frontman Brooks Nielsen ("See, we're mixin' the old ones and the new ones!") Even he couldn't help himself from smiling and laughing at the sheer love and excitement projected from the fans and frequently stopped to thank everyone for coming out.


Matt Taylor (of The Growlers) shot by Carolina Faruolo.


     The band was charming, they were playful and they were having fun. At one point Brooks walks off stage leaving guitarist Matt Taylor on stage to sing "People Don't Change Blues," one of the highlights of the night. Even though I'm still getting used to the change in sound from the songs on the new record, I felt they blended them in nicely with the others and it gave the songs more depth than what I'd heard previously. I felt that the new album was much more "produced" which is quite a difference compared to previous albums Hung At Heart or Are You in or Out? and I'll always prefer those musically, but this show gave me the time to appreciate the new album for what it is: the next step for them as a band, proving that they have more to offer and more to say. 



Photo courtesy of Taylor Bonin. 

Set list is correct with the exception of "Humdrum" and adding in "Monotonia" right before "Badlands."