Finlay wears black blazer by Paul & Joe
Jeans by Acne
Loafers by Hudson
Necklace by Pyrrha
Stylist's own bronze top


PHOTOGRAPHY Laura Allard-Fleischl
FASHION Emma Pulbrook
HAIR Emma Tierney
MAKE-UP Lauren Reynolds using 3ina
VIDEO Elise Wouters
MODELS Finlay Grant & Vivien Lawson @ Premier Model Management
Aaron Lewins @ Models 1

Vivien wears blue blazer by Farah
Striped pants by Paul & Joe
Belt by Thom Browne
Vintage lace bodysuit

Aaron wears top by Marc Jacobs
Jacket by Valentino
Head piece by Pebble London


Finlay wears mustard bootleg trousers by Pam Hogg
Wonder woman jumper by Paul & Joe
Underwear by Calvin Klein

Vivien wears shirt by Gucci
Sequin trousers by Ashley Isham
Bracelets by Northskull
Aaron wears pink shirt by Paul & Joe
Green silver trousers by Pam Hogg
Bracelets by Northskull


All boys wear jumpsuits by Pam Hogg
Aaron wears scarf by Hugo Boss


(Models 1)
March 29th (Aries)
Place of Birth: Harrogate, UK
Spirit Animal: "A cat because I don't mind drinking milk and I sleep a lot."
Insta: @gucciloafers420

April 11th (Aries)
Place of Birth: York, UK
Spirit Animal: "The falcon."
Insta: @finlay.grant

November 12th (Scorpio)
Place of Birth: London, UK
Spirit Animal: "A turtle that's been flipped onto it's back, but is making no
effort to rectify the situation."
Insta: @vivienlawson


When were you scouted and how?
An agency saw my portfolio and asked me to come down to London for an interview.
F: I was scouted at Leeds Fest 2015.
V: In Manchester train station the summer before last.

What interests you about modelling?
Getting to wear clothes by the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Dior, that I would never have been able to afford to wear if I wasn’t doing what I do now.
F: I love seeing how stylist’s put different outfits together that I never would’ve thought of.
V: I’d never really considered it before I got scouted, but the travelling is pretty interesting and sometimes the clothes are cool.

Is there a certain designer you’d like to walk for or had a great time walking for already?
Working with the Hood By Air crew in Paris was an amazing experience. The Christopher Kane team was great to work with as well, and I would love to work with Gucci one day, that’s the dream!
F: I’d love to walk for Y3. I really love the technical look which is trending at the moment.
V: I walked for McQueen in my first season which was a really nice show.

Who is a photographer you’d love to shoot with or already have shot with?
I shot with Colin Dodgson, that was a great experience. Tyrone LeBon is someone I would love to work with in the future.
F: David Sims. I think it’d work well because we’re both from West Yorkshire.
V: Hazel Gaskin was lovely to shoot with for GQ Style.

Aside from modelling, what else do you pursue?
I’m working very slowly with a friend on a magazine, I’m also very slowly learning how to make music again after downloading fruity loops. I’m also very occasionally writing for online publications.
F: I’d love to work in fashion, I’m just not sure how to go about it. Maybe styling.
V: I’m studying philosophy at the University of Manchester.

What are you listening to right now?
Young Thug, lots of Young Thug... and early Outkast.
F: At the moment I’m loving the new Joey Badass single “Rockabye Baby”.
V: “Ballad of Big Nothing” by Elliott Smith.

If you could spend 24 hours with anyone, who would it be and why?
Danny Devito. He’s an enigma. I saw a photo of him one day where he was walking a tiny dog in a dress around New York. That would be my ideal day with my ideal person.
F: My granddad who has just recently passed away. It’d be great to see him one last time.
V: Probably Lemmy from Motorhead, he seemed like he knew how to have a good time.

What inspires you? What gets on your nerves?
People who are themselves and genuine definitely inspire me to be a better person. Selfish people get on my nerves, and I won’t bore you with what else gets on my nerves! 
F: Seeing people do their own thing is great and inspires me to express myself. People who judge other people that are doing their own thing wind me up.
V: My friends. When people stand on the wrong side of the escalator.

Does glam rock interest you at all? If so, why?
Generally no, but the glam rock style I do find interesting. Glam rock was essentially the birth of the rockstar as we know it! 
F: The make-up and outfits interest me. There’s no half way with anything, it’s either all or nothing and that’s what makes the scene so original. 
V: Yeah, I like glam rock music and the aesthetic is really out there which makes it interesting. Plus there’d be no punk without glam.

New York Dolls or Iggy Pop?
Iggy Pop
F: New York Dolls.
V: New York Dolls because they’re less overplayed and they never sold out and did car insurance adverts.

David Bowie or T.Rex?
Marc Bolan seemed like a cool guy, but I have never sat down and listened to T.Rex. Bowie, however, transcended genre and was also big in the film and fashion world, he could do it all.
F: David Bowie.
V: Bowie because he’s Bowie.

If you could change one thing about the current state of the world, what would it be? 
Legalise it globally.
F: Hunger and disease in poorer countries.
V: Stop the growing international trend of right populism.


Aaron wears jumpsuit by Pam Hogg
Scarf by Dunhill
Glasses by Linda Farrow
Denim vest by Jayne Pierson
Belt by Thom Browne

Vivien wears jumpsuit by Pam Hogg


Finlay wears blazer by Jayne Pierson
Shirt by Our Legacy

Aaron wears floral shirt by Gucci
Blazer by Dans La Vie - Rira Sugawara
Pink striped shirt by Our Legacy