PHOTOGRAPHY Kim Weston Arnold
WORDS Kara Douglas

     An ethereal and androgynous spirit descended upon the Ann Demeulemeester runway as an array of pale gossamer-like lace and supple ruffling adorned soft cotton shirts. The wistful fabrics generated a ghostly motion beneath the collections juxtaposing heavier and darker equivalents of dull leathers and intense black rooted feathering.

     Sébastien Meunier gently blurred gender lines with hues of emerald velvets, dusty grey furs and translucent skin toned chiffons. Loose knit sweaters and unbuttoned shirts exposed skin on the most vulnerable and alluring quarters of the body, aiding Meunier in intensifying the bewitchingly enticing exploitation of femininity within menswear. Each design encompassed a repetitive sentiment, such complimentary concepts bleeding through the individual looks to assemble and enhance an intricately graceful identity within the designs. Strengthened further when taken away from the singular depictions on the runway and admired in unison as a complete collection.

     A spectrum of nudes and creams wrapped the elegant looks in a very organic and humanistic demeanor whilst wide-brimmed hats were dressed with feathery arrangements, tilted down over models faces to evoke a captivating yet elusive presence. Delicate lace chokers were wrapped daintily around the necks of the porcelain models, embroidered with cursive characters reading “l’avenir” translated to "future", perhaps eluding to the collections modernistic and explorative designs as the Ann Demeulemeester AW17 show pulled Paris Fashion Week Mens down the rabbit hole into a wistful wonderland.