PHOTOGRAPHY Zoe Natale Mannella
WORDS Valeria Della Valle

“The symbols of good and evil are entwined and equivocally confused. There is no contrast between different ages, sexes or types.”


These verses - taken from Mario Praz’s The Romantic Agony poem - open Mortal Remains, the new photographic zine created by acclaimed hairstylist Anthony Turner in collaboration with the talented photographer Sarah Piantadosi.

There is no better way to describe Anthony’s project, a celebration of LGBTQIA+ community and the youth now: “ I wanted to showcase individuals with an alternative aesthetic, especially alternative queer.  Anyone who at some point felt like an outsider. It’s a very personal project in that sense.” The photographs found inside are aesthetically different indeed, and yet so powerfully beautiful and honest, each photograph captures the individuality of the artist featured with no restriction. Mortal Remains is an ultimate ode to the vigour of the young generation today and its expression through their subcultures. “Obviously it’s amazing to see trans models walking in shows and getting great advertising campaigns. It’s a signal that things are definitely changing for the better, although it’s still crazy to me that it’s 2019 and we are starting to see these changes happening only now. It’s the same with models of colour: it’s so mind blowing to me that only until very recently, there are certain designers that didn’t have any if but one model of colour in their shows. I’m still hoping for more female to male trans models to come to the forefront. This is something we are not seeing enough of... but I don’t want to be totally Debbie Downer about it all because things are definitely changing!”


An army of talented and blossoming creatures were scouted among Anthony’s friends and through social media, “The artists featured are mostly friends of both myself and photographer Sarah Piantadosi. Instagram played a big part in it which is great because for the most part Instagram is deemed to be something negative lately... it was nice to be able to use Instagram as a positive tool in order to find some of these really incredible people.”  


Praz’s words also quite described the atmosphere at Mortal Remains’ launch party, which was hosted at the Electrowerkz during the last LFW. A note of extravaganza, suffuse lighting, special performances by the spectacular Vander Von Odd, Charuty Kase, Mynxie and Karma, all surrounded by an atmosphere vaguely recalling Dario Argento’s movies. Anthony gave reality and substance to its project on paper, gathering together a new young community celebrating the freedom of diversity, all identities and forms of beauty.


And, he says, the best is yet to come: “The most exciting thing about Mortal Remains is that it becomes a collective, an umbrella. I think that this is just the beginning of something really interesting and I plan on pushing it further. I’m not sure if that means more print issues or more parties or something totally left field I don’t know at this point.  The only certain thing is that now the ball is rolling, I only want to drive it forward in unexpected and exciting ways in order to give a platform to the people who make my world so incredibly interesting thoroughly diverse and allow me the confidence to stick two fingers up to the establishment.”