Baron Wolman in Los Angeles

Baron Wolman


WORDS Julian de la Celle


     As we made our way into the Mr. Musichead Gallery on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, we were instantly mesmerized by the imagery shot by the great Baron Wolman - Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, you name the musician, and he's most likely snapped their picture at some point through the years. Wolman has a softness to his images. When that person had their picture taken, they were comfortable, there is an innocence there. After meeting Wolman, it's not hard to imagine why - at *cough* 79 *cough* he still has the spirit of the 32 year old man who attended Woodstock and shot some of the best shots ever taken at a music festival. The night drew in a huge crowd of people who really appreciated and loved his work - this was his night and no one was going to argue with that. 


"300,000 Strong" by Baron Wolman


Mick Jagger by Baron Wolman


Pamela Des Barres by Baron Wolman


Pamela Des Barres and Miss Mercy


Baron Wolman


Rodney Eastman and John Hawkes


Pamela Des Barres and Baron Wolman


Sarah Margaret Huff


Sarah Margaret Huff and Baron Wolman


Pamela Des Barres and Julian de la Celle


Baron Wolman


Sam Milgrom, owner of Mr. Musichead Gallery


Pamela Des Barres, Lucky Otis, and Miss Mercy


Janis Joplin by Baron Wolman


Miss Mercy and Pamela Des Barres


Julian and Tina de la Celle (Editors-in-Chief of FOXES)