WORDS Cameron Poole


     The second EP Uber Capitalist Death Trade, released via Skeleton Key Records by Mossely town boys Cabbage, combines the chaotic charm of their first EP Le Chou with a seemingly more intense political agenda.


Essentially, Uber Capitalist Death Trade is a love letter about everything wrong with Capitalism and all that is associated with it. This is made apparent by the outset of the Whirlwind three- minute and twenty-four second intro track with the same name. The unapologetic and outspoken front-man Lee Broadbent proclaims from the start of the track “I really want to fight for my country, just like the old boys… The Nazis” whilst accompanied by sharp guitar riffs & frantic drumming. Undoubtedly the track really demonstrates the band’s sheer insanity and ferocity which the listener can easily imagine is recreated live tenfold.


     The insanity doesn’t stop there. "Fickle" is a slower, yet more playful song that delivers the intro with hypnotic bass riffs and the typically vulgar style of lyricism the band favours. “I’m the ficklest fucker in town. No fucker is more fickle around.” Lyrically and musically the structure of the track is constantly changing before the band launches into a fast rapidly descending spiral whilst screaming ‘”Le Chou”. Interestingly, Cabbage proves there is a method to the madness and end the five minute track climactically with the beginning lyricism, hurdling drums and cut-throat guitar riffs.


"Tell Me Lies About Manchester" Is a snarky seven minute fable about a young man whom constantly lies, especially about being a “secret agent” of “The Levenshulme police”. Throughout the track, various cultural references are made such as “I’ve had a pint with every person who’s ever played in The Fall." Not only this, there nods towards Karl Marx, The Sex Pistols and amusingly the character proclaims he’s had trials for Manchester City football club by boasting “I’ve had numerous trials for City’. As Cabbage once stated “Manchester is stuck in the past, it’s become a parody of itself." This bluesy, slow tempo, track really emphasizes why they might have chose to believe that.


"Free Steven Avery (Wrong America)" is the concluding track of the EP which is certainly the most culturally and politically relevant. Surprisingly, it’s a foot tapping, folk-y and utterly bizarre song… yet it's sheer brilliance. This song most definitely serves as a protest track against the political and law infrastructures of America. Cabbage’s unique perspective certainly rings true on America’s controversial issues at the minute.


From the get go, Lee Broadbent demands in an upbeat manor – “Free Steven Avery, Free Steven Avery, he epitomizes everything wrong with America” and “Death to Donald Trump… There is something about politics in America”. Before launching into the mid tempo chorus with the whole band screaming "America, America, land of the free, it’s from America”. Not bizarre enough for you yet? Well throughout the utterly bonkers track, an imagined conversation takes place between Johnny Cash & June Carter, where Johnny Cash claims that “you gave me herpes last year, bitch. You’re gonna die.” This nearly five-minute protest song ends with Cabbage showcasing maybe their most melodic structured track off the EP. But obviously they had to then finish with a nearly inaudible rant about Prozac, resulting in pure blissful chaos.


Listen to the entire EP below, or make the boys even happier and purchase it on iTunes here: