WORDS Aamina Simone

     It’s hard to ignore the looming dark cloud of Brexit over this year’s LFWM, especially when a collection is so heavily dominated by a grey scheme. Casely-Hayford’s AW17 collection showcased a definitive overcast of shadows, with models groomed to look as if they were going to strut right off the runway to their conforming day jobs. Still, there was a sense of autonomy; and the miscellany of prints represented a unique expression of freedom.

     The collection depicts Casely-Hayford’s modern exploration of the working-man’s uniform, through tailored formal-wear melded with undercurrents of skate culture. There was also a prominent reference to the 80s, with polka-dot textural play and box-like shoulders.

     Aside from celebrating the 30-year career of creative director Joe Casely-Hayford, (father of the father-son duo,) the show also marked the debut of the brand’s womenswear, which was more flirty than anticipated.

     Overall, the collection broke ideas of convention and looked to spontaneity, expressing independence through sartorialism.