WORDS Philip Livchitz

     Since its inception in 1967, Cerruti has achieved its reputation through immaculate, sophisticated and sharp tailoring for its menswear collections. Such reputation inadvertently carries a certain level of finesse and elegance to it, which the French brand is very much aware of. Therefore, it is rather fitting that Cerruti’s current creative director, Jason Basmajian, has added his own, Savile Row-esque flavour to the brand.

     Cerruti 1881 AW17 collection opened with a classic 1940’s look – a camel long overcoat covering a classic straight-cut zoot suit accompanied with a large black fedora hat and round thick-rimmed glasses. The style was reminiscent of something you would find men wearing in the old Hollywood, stars such as Clark Gable or Cary Grant. In this instance, the first look set a structured tone for the rest of the collection whilst adding a sense of indulgence into the subsequent pieces on display. The designs featured outstanding tailoring and inch-perfect cuts present in items such as an oversized checkered coat, a maroon double-breasted jacket and an oxford blue long overcoat with herringbone patterned sleeves. Each look was completed with wide array of newsboy caps, leather gloves, fedora hats, suspenders and collar bars. Special detail were also paid to the warm contrast between similar colour schemes creating an open space in which lighter and darker hues intertwined leaving an impressionable silhouette on the viewer.

     In substantially different vein from his contemporaries, Jason Basmajian has shown that his reliance on classic and sharp tailoring, whilst fusing it with contemporary ideas of male fashion, makes Cerruti 1881 stand out amongst the crowd.