WORDS Julian de la Celle

     As part of the MAN showcase Charles Jeffrey once again delivered something unique and creatively charged this season at London Fashion Week Men's. It follows suit with the evergrowing awareness of genderless fashion and pushes the boundaries even further - something we've come to love and adore from Jeffrey.

     We see models with various types of face make up (silver, tribal, Asian inspired, etc), paper maché creations and a variety of different looks ranging from fairytale-like characters to mob-inspired pinstripes. There is a theatrical approach to this showcase - at one point in the show we see around 10 people, both men and women, in genderless attire screaming and running away from one of the paper maché "monsters." This is certainly an eclectic range of looks for one collection, but for some reason it just clicks. I'm looking forward to seeing what else Jeffrey brings to the table in the coming seasons.