WORDS Katie Macpherson

     SS18 heralds Central Saint Martins MA Fashion graduate Charles Jeffrey’s first standalone show at LFWM. Jeffrey’s electrifying vision of menswear has seamlessly merged the worlds of club culture and high-end fashion, creating an eruption of boundary-less creativity and transformative elation.

     In an inclusive and exhilarating show, London’s most loved club kid gave an exuberant nod to a generation exerting their creativity to claim their stake in an uncertain and ever-evolving political climate. Described in the show notes as centering on the “euphoric unity of debauchery”, Jeffrey’s SS18 show swiftly descended into a rapturous, dystopian vision of a world where the concept of time was reimagined to fit a unique, alternating narrative. 

     The show commenced with a pantomime troupe of dancers descending onto the catwalk. Draped in pink homemade cardboard cut outs, their entire bodies decorated in multi-coloured scribbles. An eclectic mixture of triumphant characters swiftly followed, adorned in bondage pants, striped trouser suits and t-shirts embossed with whimsical plays on newspaper headlines. Looks were fastened together with beautifully crafted Noel Stewart hats.

     Splendidly dancing between historical periods, Jeffrey flirted with the romantic fantasies of his imagination, transcending reality in an act of defiance. Elizabethan doublets accompanied by playful yet elaborate face paint gave the illusion of Queen Elizabeth reimagined in drag.

     Jeffrey collaborated with 3D costume designer Gary Card and performance director Thea Adams to orchestrate a hedonistic, witty and innovative vision. Placing a striking emphasis on the absurd satire of reality, Jeffrey once again bravely stood up for self-expression in an overwhelmingly joyous celebration of escapism.  



Press Catwalk Photos