WORDS Julian de la Celle

     For his AW17 collection Christopher Shannon implemented political and social problems into his designs with incredible ease. Shannon isn't one to shy away from his own stance on world issues, and this collection highlights one in particular: the Brexit vote. For those who don't know, the vote resulted in the United Kingdom separating themselves from the EU. It's a tense time in the world presently, what, with the never-ending struggle in the middle east and American politics on the brink of collapse, it's no wonder we are seeing these things leak into the creative realm as well.

     Denim was consistent in the collection, ranging from multi-coloured denim jackets to ripped denim jeans. Shannon's sportswear presence was still strong however with plenty of joggers and hoodies too. It's a collection with more to it than meets the eye, a fueled passion for humanity and peace that seems to be lacking in the world as of late.