WORDS  Kara Douglas

     Simplicity seasoned the anticipating palates of the audience as Craig Green’s first look took to the LFWM runway earlier this week, commencing the showcasing of his AW18 collection.

     A homespun white shirt and black trouser pairing commenced a transcending fashion journey as his conveyor of nomadic, heavy utility clad models walked us through the complex corners of Green’s creative vision.

     The warehouse in Lambeth held centre stage to the cluster of reconstructed utilitarian looks, all embellished with substantial pockets, draping string-trailing outerwear and loose-fitting yet stiffly structured trousers. This collection was an exploration of both Green’s contemporary and archival designs, as past sculptures made reappearances. Newly recovered in latex, they adorned model’s bare torsos. Skin was a prevalent accessory throughout the collection; as Green added low buttoned shirts and cut-outs to the more traditional sectors of his designs, exposing collar bones and upper arms thus provoking a sexy silhouette that still some how managed to drip in sturdy masculinity.

     Craig Green’s AW18 collection was a successful step in the direction of his cult-like utility vision, with a fun twist of primary and secondary colours woven within the looks to give a subtle nod to his self proclaimed “child like curiosity” he ever so fondly applauds as one of his strongest sources of inspiration. A focused and fashionable AW18 collection that is both a feast for the eyes and the soul.