Rafferty Law DJing the Diesel flagship party.


PHOTOGRAPHY Darren Gerrish
WORDS Laurie Trueman


     Burrowed in-between British retailing landmarks Harrods and Harvey Nichols, the new Diesel flagship store is housed at 73 Brompton Road, a two story flagship spanning 230 square meters. To celebrate a new direction, Diesel have redesigned its flagship store, with a new interior to match the direction of its creative director, the visionary Nicola Formichetti. The new interior is the result of a collaboration between Japanese architecture firm Wonderwall and Formichetti himself, the store is of a cutting edge design concept, with industrial steel fixtures and hardened grey interior, contrasted with traditional design philosophies, such as large and open hanging areas for clothing. The ethos of the store is to feel very much like a home inspired space, with room for the customer to freely roam, whilst still being able to view with ease the newest of offerings from Diesel. Formichetti defined the interior as, “A modern day living space for modern day Londoners and international shoppers.” Adding that, “it's going to be an exciting place to experience the new Diesel energy." 


Nikita Andrianova


     To mark the occasion, Diesel hosted a party - filled with champagne and canapés. Glamour ensued. With Rafferty Law on the decks, spinning everything from David Bowie, to Luther Van Dross. The finest London crowd filled the store with both menswear and womenswear on display, to view, and to buy. To celebrate the re-launch in the form of clothes, Diesel have created a collection of UK exclusive butter soft leather jackets and metallic shearling coats – in shades which echo Diesel’s Italian heritage.

     Of course, Diesel is arguably most famous for its denim wear, and at the back end of the shop on the ground floor is the female denim section, surrounded by Persian effect rugs and antique style furniture, Diesel have really pushed the living sector of the brand – these jeans are to live with, to mould yourself in, and ultimately, to feel like yourself in. In the basement, menswear greets the customer, a wine cellar inspired space that houses the renowned menswear and men’s denim.  


Diesel's Creative Director Nicola Formichetti with Rafferty Law.

Diesel's Creative Director Nicola Formichetti with Betty Bachz.


     Throughout the store, there are stainless steel and glass installations, representative of the innovation Formichetti has brought to the brand. With progression at the core of Diesel’s products, this also serves as the centre of the retail concept, including finishing touches such as high definition screen, a cement mortar façade designed to accelerate the air’s natural oxidation in order to decompose air pollution. Formicetti is smart, heading a new retail strategy for the brand, with the London flagship opening following the opening of Madison and New York stores last year, as well as marking two decades of Diesel’s arrival in the United Kingdom.

     As a leader and pioneer with the denim industry, the London flagship marks the start of a new beginning, and is a key development for Diesel, having undergone a brand renovation in recent years. Diesel is now an ever present and vitally relevant brand within the contemporary and lifestyle section. Of the new venture, which is to be rolled out across the globe. The relevance is only more evident in the store itself, "Go and visit the Brompton store and live the brand's new shopping experience!" said Diesel’s Founder Renzo Rosso.