WORDS Kara Douglas

     Dolce & Gabbana captured the attention of every fashionista at their secret Milan show as they filled the runway with a diverse line-up of influential social media millennials. A successful manoeuvre on their behalf in regards to attracting the media attention of more than just the fashion realms, but even the appearance of a few familiar faces could not deter from the staring role of the new and compelling collection, as Stefano and Domenico’s designs swarmed the catwalk in a overwhelming sea of striking cuts and colours.

     The collection seemed to focus less on predictions of the future. The styling approaches of each look surrounding the concept of versatility and the manipulation of current streetwear and ready-to-wear aesthetics. Stefano and Domenico took traditional Italian tailoring and injected it with citric-toned colour pallets and metallic finishes to revive the dynamics of the classic suit. Silks, satins and sheer fabrics were cut with oversized outlines to create free flowing consistencies within the movements of the garments, adding a light summery suaveness to the otherwise conventionally heavy bomber jackets and sport shirt attire.

     Prints were the backbone of the vivid designs. Pattern influences ranging from art piece to animal prints, with the light springing of almost anime like inspired graphics, emerging once or twice throughout the show printed across coordinating track pants and baggy hooded sweatshirts.

     The Dolce & Gabbana secret show acknowledged and applauded the waves of millennial fashion trends we often neglect amongst the frenzy to obtain the latest fast fashion impulses, whilst concurrently showcasing an array of intense and exhilarating new looks that demanded both our attention and desire.