WORDS Laurie Trueman

     Edward Crutchley took notes from late Renaissance portraiture for Autumn/Winter 2017. With models of chiseled cheekbones and porcelain skin aplenty, Crutchley had the perfect clothes hangers. Crutchley looked to centuries-old craftsmanship and has raised it into a compelling, luxurious, and chic collection.

     Intended to be a trans-seasonal collection, Crutchley has created a collection of elegant, and extravagant wardrobe pieces. Pop references and elegant royal tailoring were aplenty; the collection featuring printed luminous silk jacquards, pressed wool blanketing robes, 18th century inspired florals printed onto fluid silk, slick high-rise shine nylon and ultra soft cashmere. For a more practical day look, there were oversized bombers and fitted wrap vests.

     As far as men’s tailoring goes this is tailoring away from fast fashion, tailoring that is looking to a slow downed state and are intended to be worn throughout the year. This consideration extends to the details as Crutchley worked with the best and finest craftsmen to create the accessories - the brass necklaces, earrings and rings courtesy of renowned jeweler Hannah Martin, the oval sunglasses in collaboration with BLYSZAK, who are specialists in Precision engineered Grade A Steel and ethically-sourced Buffalo Horn frames. The knitwear is produced with Johnston’s of Elgin, makers of the softest cashmere garments in the world.

     It takes a special collection to comment on an idea, but the idea of slowed down, thoughtful, and well crafted tailoring is one to take note of.