Photography Moni Haworth

If you haven’t yet heard of CG Roxanne than you’ve come to the right place. The LA based band fronted by Marlon Rabenreither (also of Gold Star), along with Sam Thornton (bass) and Carlos Laszlo (drums) have been making waves in the LA music scene very quickly in the past couple of months. With two EPs backing them up, they’re ready to unveil their third, Half Way to Hollywood. This exclusive track entitled “Soul Power” erupts with the New York sounds of The Dolls and the ferocity of The Clash. Needless to say, we’re excited to hear the rest of it!

FOXES Magazine: So you’re in the UK now?

Marlon Rabenreither: Yeah, just visiting some friends out here. I was gonna try to plan some shows, but didn’t have enough time.

FOXES: You used to live over there, right?

MR: Yeah, for four years!

FOXES: The last CG Roxanne show I saw was at The Evil Rock N Roll Cat in Los Angeles, you gave a great set headlining for Gateway Drugs and Warbly Jets, how do you know Gateway Drugs?

MR: We met at one of the first Desert Daze festivals, actually. They're great!

FOXES: What can you tell me about this track “Soul Power”?

MR: My friend Nic Jodoin, who is a producer and runs this crazy studio called Valentine, called me up and said he had a riff he wanted to play me. I guess it had been kicking around for years so really that's how the song got started. He almost gave it to Curtis Harding but we got it first! "Soul Power" was cut live at Golden Beat studios by Travis Pavur on an old tape machine.

FOXES: How long have you guys been around and when did you all meet and decide to start the band?

MR: C.G. Roxanne has been around for about a year now. We've all been friends for a very long time and even been playing in other bands like Sister Ruby Band together before this group.

FOXES: Do you remember the first record you ever bought?

MR: It had to of been either The Presidents of the United States of America or No Doubt. [laughs]

FOXES: And your first concert?

MR: Marilyn Manson in Budapest, one of the first shows I actually wanted to go to.

FOXES: When does the new EP come out and where can we listen to it?

MR: Well, we had the idea to keep dropping one song here and there on a cool blog or magazine, and there are 5 of em on this one! Then it'll be released on SoundCloud for free.

Check out more from CG Roxanne HERE and be sure to keep an eye out for these guys!