The FOXES Magazine launch party went off with a bang at The Scotch of St James in London on the night of June 9th with a line out the door within the first half hour of opening. Models and musicians alike flooded through to the invite-only event to get a first look at the first printed issue - all four covers of the magazine were laid out on tables for viewing!

     Nearing 10:30PM, SAP opened up the night with a high-energy set full of White Stripes-esque riffs and pure star power. The three-piece set the mood for the rest of the night and demanded that guests have a good time - frontman Angus McGuinness threw himself into the audience at one point, plotting to get a mosh pit going by the end of their set. 

     Lea Emmery and her friend put together a DJ set full of Rock n Roll tunes in between sets - Ty Segall, Jack White, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, you name it. Great music makes for a great evening! 

     Closing the night, Telegram went on stage and instantly the crowd was hooked. Frontman Matt Saunders held the audience in the palm of his hands as he got lost in the music and got the audience to move and dance along. The remainder of the night consisted of drinking, dancing and having a great time - just how it should be!