PHOTOGRAPHY, FASHION & GROOMING Kristin Gallegos @kristingallegos
WORDS Julian de la Celle @dandyintheunderworld

FASHION CREDITS @zanzaneyewear @stoned_immaculate_ @im_with_the_band_headbands


All vintage except for Foster's sunglasses by Zan Zan Eyewear.

So for those who don't know about you two, can you give us a little background on the band, how you both met, why you started, etc?
FOSTER JAMES: We're actually both individual artists, Foster James and Girl Skin (Sid), but the first song/video we're putting out is a collaboration between the two of us. I guess that's a little backwards from how most people do collaborations but this song has a really strong pull on both of us, so we felt it necessary to put it out first before our individual EPs. Our meeting is pretty funny. Sid has been following me on Instagram for over 4 years secretly stalking me [laughs] but I had no idea. He commented on a video I put up when Trump was elected defending me against a Trump supporter which caught my attention, so I checked him out and fell in love with his songs he had on SoundCloud. We ended up meeting at a mutual friends show and slept together the first night [laughs]. Music came right after.

What was your first interaction with music and when did you realize it was something you wanted to pursue?
FOSTER: My mom says I sang before I talked, but I have no idea when I first heard music. Probably my dad singing me to sleep as a baby. I decided to pursue it after battling a really crippling anxiety disorder and hitting a low point where I had to move back home with my parents. I started writing songs to pass the time and it helped my sanity. One day I decided I'm going to do music for the rest of my life, no matter what it took. 
SID: It all started off with the first Wiggles show I went to. I was hooked. 

What is your favorite record to listen to when you're down?
FOSTER: Anything Beyoncé. I think she might be a real angel on earth. 
SID: It changes for me, but right now Sharon Van Etten. 

Who is someone you look up to as a creative role model?
Recently it's been Sharon Van Etten and Michael Kiwanuka. 
SID: Dad

The best gig you've ever been to?
The Wedge is the best show I've ever seen. And I've seen them 7 times. 
FOSTER: Beyonce. 

What is your most treasured possession?
Prozac. And Sid. 
SID: Sid.

What is the biggest change you want to see in the world before the year is over?
Trump out of the White House. 
SID: Trump out of the White House.

What should we expect to see/hear from you guys in the next few months?
 After the release of this first song/video, were both releasing singles off of our new EPs with a few videos. 


Foster is in full Stoned Immaculate with I'm With The Band headbands. 
Sid is in all vintage.