WORDS Kara Douglas

     Gucci made waves amongst the fashion world this week following the release of their pre-fall campaign “Soul Scene”. The brand paid homage to the underground Northern Soul movement in the UK in the 1960’s as models and dancers were captured in action, adorned in colourful and eccentric pieces from the Pre-Fall 2017 collection. Inspiration was also drawn from renowned Malian artist Malick Sidibé’s explorations of black dandyism and masculinity through his photography of Bamako, Mali’s bright and luminous fashion and nightlife. Satins, sequins and vividly embroidered ensembles seeped through the campaign as the brand strived to submerge themselves deeper into the cultural realms of fashion, albeit in true Gucci style with a whirlwind of extravagance.

     The pre-fall campaign is a groundbreaking step for Gucci; the incorporation of an all black cast of models signifies the dawn of a new era of inclusivity for the brand.

     The images shot by Glen Luchford are vibrant and alive, almost vibrating with the fast tempos and 4-4 beats of the Northern Soul dance halls. Gucci’s depictions of the beloved subculture exude a flamboyant celebration of diversity and acceptance, a sentiment extremely prevalent to the youth of today amidst our current political state. Gucci is back on top, in full living colour.