WORDS Philip Livchitz

     This Hermès menswear collection emphasized the very meaning behind fusing luxurious tailoring with simple elegance. Véronique Nichanian, the French luxury brands’ artistic director, presented a signature Hermès collection featuring a strong palette of colours ranging from cobalt blue and wine red to creamy beige. The colours, it seems, were carefully selected for each garment in order to underline the carefully constructed pieces as well as to bring the impeccable tailoring to the fore. Throughout the display, the models looked at extreme ease wearing the pieces whilst effortlessly making the outfits their own; it looked as if the clothes were something you could find in their personal wardrobes. It is evident that Nichanian’s focus rested on ideas of simplicity and practicality in her designs.

     The collection itself contained beautifully constructed long coats with delicate vertical cuts, double-breasted wide-lapelled suit jackets and woolen polo necks finished with straight-cut trousers and buckle strapped thick sole leather shoes. To break the collection down, Nichanian also introduced colourful sweaters and cardigans with patterns drawing their inspiration from Cubism, especially from the artwork of the likes of Juan Gris and Robert Delaunay. The collection also accented Hermès’ trademark bags and scarves featuring contrasting colourful polka dot and square patterns.

     In a world that is to a degree obsessed with rapid change and introducing ground-breaking ideas on every turn, Hermès continues to draw its success from elements of pristine tailoring, elegant craftsmanship and luxury. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that with Paris Fashion Week Mens drawing to a close, the most spoken of collections are the ones that have stayed true to their roots and created strong, consistent, collections.