WORDS Laurie Trueman


   We’ve all lingered in a waiting room, unknowingly awaiting our appointment or interview, but perhaps we haven’t done it with as much focus and style as the Hugo Boss man. The German fashion house released their AW16 film this week, titled Rhythm and Moves and is a perfect representation of the energy at the house under creative director Jason Wu.


   Directed by Barnaby Roper and featuring model Sven de Vries, the 1970s reminiscent waiting room becomes a canvas for the intrepid and collected look of the 21st century Hugo Boss man. In plum, coffee and navy coats, de Vries demonstrates the versatility and endurance of the brands history in changing colours. Contrasted with modern classics such as a brass faced watch, a square bag, wide brimmed aviators and pristinely white trainers. This Hugo Boss AW look is occupied with modern opulence; the fabrics are wide-ranging from houndstooth to corduroy to a basic cotton trouser - a variety of choices for a modern man. The film encapsulating the newness that Wu has brought to the label.


   As time ticks on, de Vries begins to search the office that is strewn with extravagant symbols of varying old and new luxuries; a stuffed pheasant, a retro TV set and contemporary art. As he explores further, his position changes into one of ambition, running through the office – cartwheeling through a room and jumping off a wall. Before he returns to the ticking filled waiting room, knowing his Hugo Boss guise can get him through anything.