Mick Collins of The Gories


WORDS Julian de la Celle


     Day One of the In The Red Records 25th Anniversary kicked off with a "fuck the system" fueled set by Zig Zags who I had never had the chance to see up until last night. At times their timing is completely off, but even then you can't help but get into the angst of it all whilst head banging throughout. I wasn't sure which band to see next as I was mainly there for Ty Segall and The Gories so I headed upstairs to The Echo and was happy to see that CFM (Charles Moothart of Fuzz's band) were in the midst of playing some new songs. Charles has a very unique style of playing that is instantly recognizable and having seen him play with Fuzz and even CFM a few months back he is constantly getting better and better! 

     Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for was here. Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin were about to hit the stage joined by their friend Charles Moothart on drums. As soon as they started playing the crowd went absolutely insane - I was being tossed, thrown around, and crushed but I loved every second of it. The energy in the room was electric and Ty's presence was palpable. To my knowledge this is only the second time Mikal Cronin and Ty Segall have performed songs from their album Reverse Shark Attack together on stage and it felt very much like we were watching a secret set that only so many people knew about. The finale of the set saw Mikal playing trumpet whilst Ty and the rest of the band played Misirlou-style surf rock for 7 minutes straight!


     Ending the night was the legendary Detroit band The Gories in all of their glory. The band mixes old-style country and garage rock with Bo Diddley inspired guitar riffs, duo vocals by both Mick Collins and Dan Kroha and a very Brian Jonestown approach to drumming by Peggy O'Neill. Mick's guitar playing is like no other with a timing that only he can get away with. He feels everything he plays and the recurring smile on his face shows us that he is always having a good time. Mick and Dan would crack jokes or tell stories about how a song was written or how they were the first band to put out a 45" on In The Red. Larry Hardy, owner and founder of In The Red, gave them a call and asked if they'd be down to record a 45" back in the early 90s and The Gories accepted. From then on it's been a crazy journey for Larry and everyone at In The Red. Read our full interview with him back in our December issue HERE.


We'll be there tonight to see GOGGS (Ty Segall's new project) among others, feel free to show your faces and say hello!