PHOTOGRAPHY Emily Theobald
WORDS Julian de la Celle


FOXES Magazine: How’ve you been, man?
Jeffertitti: Good, good! You’ve been traveling, right?

FOXES: Yeah, we had our launch parties in Europe last month. Just got back on the 3rd.
That’s sick! 

FOXES: So, tell me, what’s the difference now with The Dream Ride project as opposed to a few months ago?
Jeffertitti: I mean, I’ve done so many different things, but I’m saying that this time it’s less about being afraid of, like, “Oh, that’s cheesy or cute.” I don’t care, I’m embracing that kind of shit. It’s like my version of pop music. 

FOXES: You said you have a full band now?
Jeffertitti: Yeah! I have a band now, but I’m still not playing an instrument. I’ve just played instruments in bands so much so even when I was just going up on stage with nothing but my tracks coming through a mixer and a delay peddle for my voice, it was more about entertaining people.  It’s still the same vibe, but it’s so much more powerful now.  


FOXES: How many people are involved now? 
Jeffertitti: I was doing shows with like 7 people around town which is never going to work full time [laughs]. But it was just me asking people to come play with me, all my friends, ya know? I did that but just recently I’ve been rehearsing with two of my best friends and we’re trying to make it work as a three piece. 

FOXES: When did the whole idea for The Dream Ride come to be?
Ya know, I made some of these tracks years ago when I was really busy doing other projects, like, on tour. I think I came home for a couple of weeks and I was listening to Grimes and Peaking Lights pretty much exclusively. I had my little tape machine that I like to work with, like one of the super shitty ones. It was a lot of experimenting, really. Whatever comes out, mixing different sounds and stuff and being like “Oh, man, that’s like a song!” 

FOXES: When was your last gig with The Dream Ride? 
Jeffertitti: I played on the 4th of July at this mansion party thing. I had the full band too. It was under this beautiful, old chandelier in this crazy living room with people all over and the 1920s stairs. It was really fun! 

FOXES: And now you have this pretty extensive tour!
Yeah, it’s gonna be nuts. A lot of the tour I’m opening up for my buddies The Mystic Braves and they’re actually going to back me up too. It’s pretty perfect!  

FOXES: Are you still doing Corners on top of that? 
No actually. On this last tour I was taking to Tracy in the hotel room late at night and we were talking about real shit and he basically told me he was feeling the same exact way I was about the band. We were just both over it - he has his solo project too and everything. So, yeah, as of now, Corners is no longer. We did some songs in my studio that we’re planning on mixing and releasing still. 


FOXES: Any plans on resurrecting Jeffertitti’s Nile?
Jeffertitti: Yeah, I’m not really doing that anymore either. I felt like we had a pretty great run and I’m proud of what we did. We got to do some really fun tours, and got to share some great ideas! It’s kind of cool to have done something and then feel okay about just being like “Ya know what I don’t need to keep doing that anymore, it’s just not what I’m into right now.” It’s the same thing with Corners - it’s not like we all hate that music, it’s just not what we really wanna do. 

FOXES: Do you feel like it’s hard to stay doing one singular thing for too long? 
Yeah [laughs]. Even my hair style or my clothes. People meet me sometimes and they’re like “Who are you? Oh! You used to have a beard.” Or whatever. I’m constantly changing and I get bored easily. I like making my own music too, I don’t want to JUST play guitar, I love to play drums and play the synth then 5 minutes later I want to play the bass, it’s wild. It’s hard for me to just buckle down and do one thing. 

FOXES: I mean, I’m the same way. In my case it’s always doing too many things at once. 
Yeah! It’s better to be too busy doing things that you love and feeling kind of crazy [laughs]. There are times in my life when I’m not really doing shit and I’m just chilling for a little too long - it’s so hard for me to go on vacation, man. I remember going to Mexico with my ex girlfriend for my birthday and she took me to this really cool little beach town, it was like paradise. So, here I am on the beach, eating the best food, swimming all day and then all of a sudden three days in I’m just like “Uh…so when are we going home, cause I was just working on this music and now I feel crazy!” So that’s kind of how I am. 

FOXES: Do you remember the first record you ever bought? 
Whoa. Oh, actually I do. It was a CD…well, I also had a lot of cassette tapes like Michael Jackson, I had Color Me Badd - I had this yellow ghetto blaster when I was little and I remember those two tapes for sure. My dad had this CD club thing where you would get this big catalog in the mail and you would just fill in the dots of what CDs you wanna buy for super cheap and my dad let me put in some orders. Sogot MC Hammer and Blind Melon…and some other one, something super dumb! I was obsessed with Nirvana when I was a kid though, that was my main thing. I’m kind of all over the place, really! In high school, first I would hang out with all the punk kids then the next week one of my other best friends was really into hip hop soI’m listening to, like, No Limit Records and Snoop Dogg, wearing a gold chain and shit. I love to play a chameleon and exploring all sides of being alive [laugh]


FOXES: Do you remember the first show you ever went to?
Yeah, well, I guess my parents first took me to a Buddy Rich concert, the jazz drummer and they told me I was freaking out dancing and they were like “Oh my god, he’s going to be a drummer!” The first show I went to without my folks was one of those ones where my friends mom picked me up, she was cool and she let us do whatever. I went to the Santa Monica Pier and saw this band Silverchair - they’re like Australia’s answer to Nirvana. I remember the singer got a beer bottle thrown at his head and it cut his forehead and shit. 

FOXES: And you were like “this is Rock n Roll!” [laughs] 
Jeffertitti: Yeah! [laughs] I loved it, but I was maybe a little scared. I was probably around 11. My good friend Pat moved into my neighborhood and his parents were totally nuts, in a good way. His mom literally pulled over on the side of the road one day when I was walking to the gas station to get something to drink and was like “Hey, hey! Do you live around here? You should hang out with my son!” And just pushed him out of the car and told us to have fun and peeled out. We became like best friends though!  

FOXES: Do you guys still talk? 
Yeah,actually, we do! He’s in this hip hop band and has a production company, he’s on Universal. He used to be a drug addict and has been sober for a really long time, I love him. He has such a great outlook.

FOXES: What’s your spirit animal? 
I’ve been told it’s a butterfly, yeah… I was told that by my ex girlfriend, this Chilean girl, I was about to say her name [laughs]. She just told me I was constantly floating around like a little butterfly, I don’t know. I like Monarch butterflies, I always have. I’ll embrace that spirit animal, it’s cool with me.


Upcoming Tour Dates Below


Aug 11 Bigfoot Lodge, Los Angeles, CA

Sep 1 The Satellite, Los Angeles, CA

Sep 2 Blonde Bar, San Diego, CA

Sep 6 The Artery, Fort Collins, CO  

Sep 7 Lost Lake, Denver, CO 

Sep 8 Reverb Lounge, Omaha, NE  

Sep 9 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN 

Sep 10 Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL  

Sep 11 Majestic Cafe, Detroit, MI 

Sep 12 Mohawk Place, Buffalo, NY 

Sep 13 Silver Dollar, Toronto, ON 

Sep 14 Casa del Popolo, Montreal, QC 

Sep 15 Middle East Upstairs, Boston, MA 

Sep 16 Cafe Nine, New Haven, CT

Sep 17 Rough Trade, Brooklyn, NY 

Sep 18 Johnny Brendas, Philadelphia, PA 

Sep 19 DC9, Washington DC 

Sep 20 Club Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA 

Sep 21 The Basement, Columbus, OH 

Sep 22 Zanzabar, Louisville, KY 

Sep 23 MOTR Pub, Cincinnati, OH 

Sep 24 Mothlight, Asheville, NC 

Sep 25 The Earl, Atlanta, GA 

Sep 27 White Oak Music Hall, Houston, TX 

Sep 28 Dada, Dallas, TX 

Sep 29 Sidewinder, Austin, TX 

Sep 30 Limelight, San Antonio, TX 

Oct 1 Lowbrow Palace, El Paso, TX 

Oct 2 Club Congress, Tucson, AZ 

Oct 3 Valley Bar, Phoenix, AZ 

Oct 6 Soho, Santa Barbara, CA 

Oct 7 Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA 

Oct 8 The Casbah, San Diego, CA