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Graduate Fashion Week. My debut catwalk show for designer Hannah Page, Ravensbourne University.


     The whole ‘journey’ as it were, started at LC:M last year. Hannah spotted me doing my best Goth/Horrors/YSL interpretation at one of the fashion parties - smartly dressed with black on black on black, poorly smudged eyeliner and even a fedora. She got in contact within the next couple of days. She said I’d be great to model for her collection and hit me with a killer opening line! Must have been the lighting…

     Moving things forward, between then and the show, I travelled to London for fittings and saw how Hannah and the others were developing their designs. These fittings consisted of standing in front of head tutors, course mentors, etc in an almost audition style, in a bid to get these outfits signed off to be transformed from rough, pinned samples, to finalized cut, stitched and seemed catwalk ready clothes. Show selection was what everything built up to - it goes without saying how much hard work was put into trying and being given an exclusive chance to showcase at The Old Truman Brewery on June the 7th. It was obvious Hannah would be selected, and I personally loved her edgy Rock n Roll inspired collection. We also shot a look book with was brilliant! Old school inspirations with a modern twist.


     Leading up to the show, I was excited. There was a live stream going out so friends and family could watch and I had caught a few glimpses of previous collections during GFW to get a taste for it. As I arrived through the backstage model entrance I felt important and was ushered up the stairs to the numerous clothing racks situated next to hair and makeup. Quite a spectacle and without sounding wet, it hit home how hard it is to break into this elusive industry.

     Before I knew it, rehearsals were underway, stage positioning and walking lines were instructed and on seeing the catwalk for the first time, it was really, really long... As I was getting changed I felt slight nerves, but I feel that mistakes happen when you overthink things too much so I stayed pretty cool. Outfit. Tick. Hair and makeup. Tick. Showtime. Few final preparations were ongoing as we lined up ready to walk. There was a lady to queue when to set off. Her arm went down and I was off. Centre of the stage and a couple of seconds stopping at the foot of the runway. Spinning away left. I couldn’t fuck this up, it was simple. Tense of the jaw and a slight pout, shoulders low and an elegant, leggy walk, my mind was pretty blank. Paul Weller White Sky blasted out. That helped. Serious amounts of people crowded in and there was constant flashing of cameras and phones. It was great! Before I knew it, it was over, I wanted to do it again. I am egotistical but also quite insecure so I wanted immediate reassurance I done okay and as I checked my phone after I had some lovely messages.


     So that was that. The show was over and the Ravensbourne show brought the week to an incredible end. An amazing experience while meeting some really commendable people along the way. I got changed back into my stripy flares and mingled with everyone down in the public stand areas until I found a good time to slip away into the night, back to Waterloo. Homeward bound.



(Lewis Scorey) INSTAGRAM:  @lewisascorey

(Hannah Page) INSTAGRAM: @hanrpage