European Dusk out now.


PHOTOGRAPHY Mathilda Ocias (unless otherwise noted)
WORDS Julian de la Celle


     Sweden's own MANKIND have just released their new EP entitled "European Dusk." We featured them in our very first online issue in November where they spoke to us about veganism, governemnt and the state of the world today. Now, given, things have changed since November - Brexit, Trump, even more of a unwarrented hate against Muslim's and their religion. The world is changing, but we have the power to decide how and I believe this album embodies that spirt. I spoke to the boys a bit more this week about the release among other things below. 

On the meaning of "European Dusk":
"It has everything to do with the recent change of attitude and values in Europe. Since the end of WWll there's been a belief in people and that people are more important than religions, nations and cultural differences. It's definitely an end of an era. Our great grandmothers where refugees but we won't let today's refugees in? It's fucking disgusting.

On what inspired them:
"Hong Kong, Stockholm, the constant restlessness. Gear. Fear. Shame. Guilt. Food. The producers we worked with really wanted that fat hardcore Steve Albini kind of sound and we knew we wanted some very organic more lo-fi psych vibe to it, the way we here it back in our rehearsal space, so worked until we found something new that everyone felt excited about. Erdogan, Putin, Trump, Daesh and Brexit."


On the old and new songs on the EP:
"Most of it is fresh, things we just had to get out there before it starts to ferment. But there's one angst driven ego trip from our teens in there too because if we didn't get that one out of our system now we would suffocate."

On the significance of putting the EP out now:
"We've been hold up by all kinds of nonsense for years! Broken deals, hearts, cars and gears and promises. Enough already."

On what to expect next:
"MUSIC! Mostly. We've got a suitcase full of ideas and we're trying to do them all at ones so we'll see how that plays out."


Photo by Joachim Nakagawa Straning