Marching Church shot by Carolina Faruolo


PHOTOGRAPHY Carolina Faruolo
WORDS Julian de la Celle

     After having gone to a gig pretty much every night since arriving in London, this was my first time going to The Victoria in Dalston. It's basically just an old fashioned British pub with a "secret" bookcase door that swings open, leading you into the small venue space. It has a great energy and, from what I saw of this show, great sound. I'd been talking back and fourth with some of the guys from Sisteray after we did a feature on their Camden Rocks gig last June, but I had never actually seem them live. They were a burst of energy right from the get go and their songs are driven from personal and political problems so what they're singing is extremely relatable. Think a good mix of Blur, The Libertines and Oasis with a bit more of a punk attitude. One of our favorite up and comers, so keep watch for them.


     I've never missed a Marching Church gig if I was in town for one, so this night wouldn't have been any different. There's a certain immense realism to Elias' stage presence and his showmanship, while still being completely enwrapped in mystery. Hell, we interviewed him a few months ago and I still know nothing about him. He's an enigma, he's passionate, he's someone who gives everything he has to the performance and gets lost in the process. It's really a beautiful site to watch and for this particular show, maybe it was the audience, maybe Elias was having a good day, but it was the best I've seen them play. The band connects on some type of spiritual level and once the show begins the audience is transfixed til the very end. I haven't had the good fortune of seeing Elias' other band Iceage, but from what I've seen of Marching Church he is everything you'd want to see in a performance. 


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