WORDS  Philip Livchitz

     The Osaka-born designer presented her AW18 collection in a large, white open space with a high-ceiling in order to give the colourful looks a canvas to stand out both on their own and as a collective. The colours used for the AW18 collection ranged from purple, wine red and mustard yellow to royal blue as well as black. With Michiko Koshino’s background in pattern-cutting, her understanding of silhouettes as well as fabrics and textiles was evident in the garments on display.

     The collection represented a futuristic interpretation of the ordinary workforce uniforms with layered heavy cotton shirts embedded with Japanese embroidery, colourful wool-knits and restructured puffer jackets and transparent waterproof nylon coats and jackets. Each look was carefully finished with everyday staples as accessories as well as gloves and workman boots to add a genuine industrial feel to the collection. Koshino succeeded in blending the various textiles into a functional whole with a great sense of practicality.

     Michiko Koshino’s latest collection showed once again why she has remained at the forefront of the London fashion community for over 30 years. The ability to remain consistently innovative whilst reinventing yourself is an incredible talent, especially in light of the modern move towards fast-fashion and the trend to borrow from other designers.