Peter Asher of Peter and Gordon / Albert Lee of Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings, Heads Hands & Feet, The Crickets.

PHOTOGRAPHY Timothy Norris


The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock & Roll, Greil Marcus wrote:

     "A ‘pop explosion’ is an irresistible cultural upheaval that cuts across lines of class and race (in terms of sources, if not allegiance), and, most crucially, divides society itself by age.” The surface of daily life (walk, talk, dress, symbolism, heroes, family affairs) is affected with such force that deep and substantive changes in the way large numbers of people think and act take place.

     Suddenly, on both sides of the Atlantic, young people saw other young people writing songs, playing on their own records, and enjoying unprecedented success in doing so. In a way not seen since the mid-1950s, the pop process was no longer controlled exclusively by old-line producers, professional songwriters, and established record companies. The British Invasion was a peak moment of the 20th-century pop culture, never to be forgotten by anyone fortunate enough to have experienced it."

Mr Musichead, one of LA's best galleries for music photography, held an event for Brit Week that highlighted the importance of the British Invasion and to do so they showcased photography from legends Robert Whitaker, Chris Walter, Terry O'Neill, Art Kane, and even Peter Asher's personal photos. Showcasing some amazing photos, the gallery also hosted a live concert with Peter Asher and Albert Lee. See more of the photos taken by Timothy Norris.