WORDS Kara Douglas

     Fashion veteran Nigel Cabourn celebrated his 50th as a designer this LFWM as he showcased his most recent designs at his SS18 presentation “Whatever Happened To Sean Flynn?” Cabourn’s designs were inspired by 60s star and wartime photographer Sean Flynn, a man he had known 50 years ago.

     Cabourn’s signature utility stylings were rethought with a militant influence in mind, giving subtle nods to the uniforms of the Vietnam War. Khaki greens, faded blues and a selection of soft camouflage’s bled through the men’s, women’s and unisex designs. Each garment was crafted from lightweight fabrics and layered against an array of textures such as mesh work, cotton gabardine and a variety of denim to add dimension to the otherwise neutral tones of the overall looks. Fashion staple’s were at the heart of the collection as Cabourn focused his looks around overalls, cargo pants, shorts and lightweight jackets. The different lengths of each piece when layered upon one another added a relaxed demeanour to the ensembles, staying true to the brands unwound aesthetic.

     The overall collection presented a reimagining of the working man’s slouchy silhouette as each look combined the functionality of vintage military uniforms with Cabourn’s traditionally utility driven designs. A sombre toned softness lingered within the collection, setting each piece up to instantly and effortlessly slip straight from ready-to-wear out onto the streets.