WORDS Katie Macpheron


     Paying a fitting homage to the spirited metropolis of London, Oliver Spencer’s SS18 collection celebrated the unique diversity and versatility of the city we love so dearly. Lending an optimistic tone to what transpired to be a forlorn day for some, the show’s cheerful soundtrack was reminiscent of the city’s vibrant landscape. 

     Featuring versatile lightweight, oversized parka coats that cleverly transformed from coats to rucksacks draped across models backs, practicality was seamlessly woven into the collection. The wearable colour palette of warm pinks, cool blues and deep umber ran throughout the show, accompanied by varying checks and stripes. Checked suit jackets in relaxed silhouettes were crafted from intricate, textured fabrics. 

     Diversity was catapulted to the forefront of Oliver Spencer’s SS18 offering, as models of all ages and race took to the catwalk in a celebration of the adaptable nature of London’s inhabitants. Recognising the collaborative market, Spencer selected artist David Austen to produce three t-shirts that embody the evocative and endearing vision of the world that Austen’s work typically conveys. 

     Ending the show with a nod to his foray into the innovative world of ‘see now, buy now’, Spencer dressed all his models in identical ‘LOVE TOWN’ t-shirts. The overall message was evident. London is unashamedly resilient, loving and proud, and we’re not afraid to celebrate it as such.