Pierrick and Aurélien of Tremolove.


PHOTOGRAPHY Jérémie Verchere
WORDS Julian de la Celle

     After searching through numerous French bands I came across newcomers Tremolove, the reverb soaked, surf duo making waves in Nantes, France. Both really close friends, they live in different parts of the country, but still manage to create music by sending each other tracks and piecing them together from afar. I decided to change things up and interview the two over Facebook chat which you can read below!


Julian de la Celle: This is gonna be my first Facebook chat interview, haha! I'm sure it's yours too, maybe your first interview even?
Pierrick Veillerobe: Yep it is.
Aurélien Gérard: Yes it is our first interview ever.

Julian: So, tell me a bit about how you guys met!
Pierrick: Well, I had class with a guy and he played in a band with Aurélien and they were looking for a singer.
Aurélien: Who used to play bass in my band so he introduced me to Pierrick and we started to play all together.
Pierrick: Yup, psych stuff.

Julian: Do you still play together, the three of you? Or was that just the beginning?
Pierrick: That was just the beginning, cause well it was kinda hard to rehearse all together.
Aurélien: And now we are no longer playing together because Pierrick moved to Rennes, the drummer moved to Paris and I am still in Nantes.

Julian: Haha, a bit separated!
Pierrick: Not in our hearts <3
Aurélien: [laughs] <3

Julian: Ha! So I'm going to assume that you both are fans of Ty Segall?
Aurélien: Yeeees! We saw him playing with Fuzz at Rock en Seine, it was one of the best gigs I've ever been too. It is because of Ty Segall that I really got into garage music.
Pierrick: Yes.

Julian: Ah, Fuzz is great! I've seen them a bunch of times. I've seen Ty so many times now, both in Fuzz and in his various incarnations.
Aurélien: So cool, can't wait for his next album! I loved the first song he just released.

Julian: Oh the "Orange Color Queen" one? So good!
Aurélien: Yes! Really different from what he did with the Muggers, that's awesome how the sound of his records change.

Julian: Yeah, every time it's a slightly different approach, much like Jack White with his different groups too.
Aurélien: Yes.

Julian: Who else would you say really influences you guys?
Pierrick: Hmmm...sounds a bit easy.
Aurélien: Thee Oh Sees, The Growlers, Allah-Las, a french band called Volage and a lot of old surf music bands like The Centurions.
Pierrick: But the Beatles clearly influenced my way to sing on the EP and the Arctic Monkeys were a good introducer for me to indie bands.

Julian: Yeah, I heard a bit of the psych influenced Beatles vocals! Thee Oh Sees are another band that really are amazing live too.
Pierrick: Alex Turner kept influencing me in my way of singing
Aurélien: On the last songs I wrote for our future release I was inspired by La Femme, there's more organ and keyboards stuff. Thee Oh Sees are insane live, they were the headliners of Levitation France last September. Tijuana Panthers and the first LP of Tomorrows Tulips, when I mixed the EP they were king of references for the sound

Julian: Very cool! All great influences! So I noticed that none of the songs off this EP "Vague" are longer than 2:50 minutes, was that intentional keeping each song on the shorter side?
Pierrick: You often hear songs that last like 4 minutes and you can hear five choruses in it. I think this is a bit boring.
Aurélien: It was not intentional, the songs sounded good to me this way so I kept them like this, I think that if the songs lasted like 4 or 5 minutes they might have been boring.
Pierrick: Once you've exposed your musical ideas you can repeat it once or twice, but that's it.
Aurélien: And we can put more songs on the EP if the songs are shorter.
Pierrick: Yep!

Julian: I agree, sometimes you hear these massive 5-6 minute songs with 4 separate solos and a bunch of choruses, it gets a bit repetitive. I like that the EP is short and each song has it's own thing.
Aurélien: Thanks :)
Pierrick: We should try repeating parts, but varying it. Yeah, thank you!

Julian: Now, it's obviously heavily influenced by 60s surf music and such, what is it about that type of music that gets you excited?
Pierrick: There are loads of guitars in this music. As guitarists I think this is exciting.
Aurélien: Yes and I love this type of guitar sound with a lot of reverb!

Julian: Yeah, music soaked in reverb is hard to dislike, really. 
Aurélien: And it is very fun to play on the guitar too. 

Julian: I love the Dick Dale stuff, those fast solos are great!
Aurélien: Yes he is an incredible guitarist. I bought last year an amazing surf record and I later learnt that these guys were from Nantes, they're called The Surfin Barmaids. They covered a Kraftwerk song, it's funny to hear that surf version!

Julian: Oh nice! I've been finding a few cool bands from Nantes lately, seems to be a good place for music.
Pierrick: It is. Check Trash Lids as well.
Aurélien: Yes it is we have a lot of awesome bands. France has some cool bands like Volage, Blondi's Salvation (Nantes band :D), Rendez-Vous, Kaviar Special...

Julian: That's great! So, which one of you is older? Pierrick, I think we are two days apart.
Pierrick: Oh really? Haha. Yep, I turned 20 last year.
Aurélien: And I will turn 20 this year.
Pierrick: He's a big boy now. Are you enjoying Biarritz ? :)

Julian: It's good! I'm here now with my grandparents. I usually come for a week or two every summer, but was in London for the magazine launch so decided to come over for a few days.
Pierrick: I see :) This is where La Femme come from haha. A great place for surfers.
Aurélien: You should come to Nantes or Rennes next time!

Julian: Yes! I just interviewed Sacha from La Femme and we spoke a bit about Biarritz.
Pierrick: Come to Transmusicales next year!
Aurélien: La Femme's song "Paris-Biarritz" is super cool by the way.

Julian: What is that?
Pierrick: A festival in Rennes.


Julian: Since we're doing this interview on Facebook chat, I figured I'd ask some questions related to your actual Facebook pages. Pierrick, I read that you speak German? 
Aurélien: Introduce yourself in German, Pierrick.
Pierrick: I used to speak German, but since I arrived at Uni I stopped it.
Aurélien: We should write a song in German.

Julian: Do it. The first line in the song would be...?
Pierrick: Hallo ich heiBe Pierrick und ich spiele die Gitarre. We would write a song in German.
Aurélien: The German song should be a punk song.
Pierrick: Yeah.

Julian: [laughs] Excited for this!
Pierrick: On the next EP. Maybe...
Aurélien: Like a bonus track or something that could be great!
Pierrick: Yup.

Julian de la Celle: Now this is the part of the interview that you guys are gonna love! Haha old Facebook posts...
Pierrick Veillerobe: Oh god.
Aurélien Gérard: Shit.

Julian de la Celle: Explain this to me, Pierrick...


Pierrick: Well...I love video game music and I was in video games live this week.
Aurélien: The auto-like is a reason to split the band haha!
Pierrick: But still... metal versions. Did I do that ?
Aurélien: Yes you did haha
Pierrick: Hahaha didn't see that!

Julian: It was just THAT good

Julian: What was a week away?


Aurélien: Ooooh! The Arctic Monkeys gig.
Pierrick: Arctic Monkeys fangirls...
Aurélien: The band that mainly inspired our first band, there was always a moment where we covered an AM song during rehearsals.

Julian: Ha! Love it.
Aurélien: It was our first festival together.
Pierrick: Yep.

Julian: What festival was it?
Pierrick: Vieilles Charrues, in Carhaix.
Aurélien: Some people laughed at us because we were not able to set up the tent

Julian: Set up the tent?
Pierrick: Yeah we slept at the festival.
Aurélien: We spent like 20 minutes installing the tent in the festival camping.

Julian de la Celle: So how'd you set it up in the end?
Pierrick: There was the drummer of our former band in it, people helped us, drunk people.
Aurélien: Everyone is drunk at Les Vieilles Charrues anyway.
Pierrick: We were a bit ashamed that drunk people succeeded where we failed, haha!

Julian: Aurélien, why is this girl sending you climbing goat articles?


Pierrick: Maud !
Aurélien: Goats are awesome. I love watching videos of goats climbing mountains!
Pierrick: Who's the most awesome? Maud or Goats?
Aurélien: A goat called Maud.
Pierrick: Maud is Aurélien’s best friend, by the way.

Julian: Aw, cool!
Pierrick: She sings as well.
Aurélien: Yes she's a cool singer, she should sing on the next record.
Pierrick: We thought about it ;)
Aurélien: But Stoffel is the best animal in the world haha.
Pierrick: Stoffel is the best, yup.

Julian: Who's Stoffel?
Pierrick: Are you familiar with...HONEY BADGERS??

Julian de la Celle: YES
Aurélien: This is Stoffel.


Pierrick: Stoffel is a honey badger who likes to escape from his cage. He's the escape master.
Aurélien: Weird animal videos are the best thing in the world.

Julian: Watching now, haha!
 A music video with a surfing dog would be cool.
Pierrick: Yep.

Julian: This is hilarious! Good stuff.
 He is so clever it is fascinating!

Julian: This gem... the genius that is Jack White!


Pierrick: Yeah! He's always really clever with his marketing.
Aurélien: He is amazing, this story is so cool.

Julian: Yeah, he's incredibly intelligent with that kind of thing. Ever seen him live?
Pierrick[laughs] Tell him, Aurélien.
Aurélien: Saddest moment of my life. He played to L'Olympia in 2014, I managed to buy tickets, the show was sold out in like 15 minutes. I was soooo impatient to see him, and a month before the gig I learnt that I had to pass an oral exam for the baccalauréat on the same day...
Pierrick: So sad :(

Julian: Wait, what's the baccalaureat?
It's an exam.
Aurélien: It is the final exam of high school, the thing that allows you to go to Uni.
Pierrick: Gigs with Aurél are the best.

Julian: I love that you two are so close, it's good to see!
 Yes, even though you don't like mosh pits.
Pierrick: I carry your bag during them [laughs] God, my girlfriend will be jealous when reading this interview...
Aurélien: [laughs] True but your stuff was in my bag during Rendez-Vous
Pierrick: And the sentences are getting more and more awkward.........

Julian: [laughs] Okay, okay, a few more questions and we're done! I think you told me Aurélien that since you're not always together you record the tracks separately, right? Then put them together?
Aurélien: Yes, I record everything in my bedroom, then I send the instrumentals to Pierrick, he records the voices, he sends it back to me and I mix all the tracks.
Pierrick: Yes. The next tracks may be different though.
Aurélien: Because you will sing in German!

Julian: How do you guys feel doing it that way? Does it feel strange or kind of exciting? I mean, Pierrick, it must be cool to hear what songs he sends over then adding words?
Pierrick: It's really exciting, because when he sends me something, I'm like a kid waiting for a Christmas present. When I discover one track i'm in a hurry to hear what the next will sound like and it's a good way to write lyrics.
Aurélien: It is the same for me, I'm really excited when he sends me the tracks back, to see how he has sung on it, the vocal harmonies he did...
Pierrick: When you write the music itself, you have time to think about it, and sometimes you get bored about them. The goal is to discover a whole track, as if you were at a random band gig, and you just write about how it makes you feel or about images in your head when you hear it.

Julian: That's a really cool approach. So who came up with the name Tremolove? When I first found you guys you had another name, what was it again?
Aurélien: It was Vague, but we discovered another band with this name.
Pierrick: We like to play a game in which you mashup words to create something funny and we thought that a mashup would be great as our project's name.
Aurélien: Let's do one now if you have an idea!
Pierrick: Not too trash! [laughs] 
Aurélien: It won't be as dirty as the ones we usually do.
Pierrick: Ridiculous + Psych band?
Aurélien: No idea...
Pierrick: Shame Impala....okay, that one sucks, but that's an example!
Aurélien: Cuba + animal.
Pierrick: Havanabadger?
Aurélien: Fidel Castor.
Pierrick: hahahahahaha
Aurélien: Is castor only a french word ?

Julian: Yeah
Ah it means beaver.

Julian: That was a good one, both of them! I'd say that's a good place to leave this interview [laughs]
Pierrick: [laughs]
Aurélien: [laughs] Yes, I agree!