WORDS  Arya Aytanir

     Set in a stunning magical forest-like aesthetic, as the musical sounds of birds could be heard approaching, Palomo Spain’s AW18 “Hunting” collection gave us a warm welcome. Inspired by Andalucia, the homeland of creative director Alejandro Gomez Palomo, the collection also holds a very deep English aesthetic.

     In contrast with the previous collection, this season had many details and weaves, modernizing hunting wear. Maximizing the volumes and balloon shoulders and minimizing the immoderation, the garments are restrained and powerful. The Velazquez portrait-like silhouettes define the show and holds an important light on the 17th century Spain. Traditional hunting gear aims to be practical and easy to wear and the pieces are surely all about functionality. Big coats, skirts, capes and deconstructed pants were the key items of the show.

     Inspired by the common English male wardrobe, the fabrics and materials of the garments reflected the time-honored way of the collection. Tartans, tweed, velvet and different types of wools were present. One of the main attractions of the show were the accessories. Hats and headpieces with feathers were an echo to a Robin Hood-esque fairytale. Expressing his roots and traditional aspects of his country, Alejandro Palomo's newest collection breaks boundaries, something very few designers can pull off with such ease and articulate attention to detail.