Model Amanda Musacchia and her boyfriend Lucas Long of The Britanys.

I chose a handful of polaroids from different nights this week because I just couldn't pick one! The above photo was taken after seeing David Gilmour live at The Hollywood Bowl and having finally met Amanda and Lucas (I had met Lucas from interviewing The Britanys back in November, but only over Skype).

João de Macedo Mello. Remember the name. He's one of the most talented saxophone players in the world right now and he's only 20! He is incredibly generous and kind and was the one who invited us to see David Gilmour play that night. The picture on the right was taken during the last song of his set, "Comfortably Numb." 

These two photos were taken after having interviewed Warren Thomas of The Abigails at his insanely cool loft in East Los Angeles. You instantly feel a gust of creative energy and the kind of vibe you'd expect to feel from an artistic commune where you're free to create anything you set your mind to. He talked to me about being sober and being happy and about how his friends, and former bandmates, The Growlers used to live there, and how Taylor Bonin lives there with him now. You'll have to read the interview when it's up on April 1st! 

These were taken on Saturday night at Non Plus Ultra. It was my first time there, and it's really a great venue. Old arcade games, VHS tapes being projected onto the white cyc background, $3 beers, what else could one ask for? Sextile are one the best bands I've seen live in a while. Their energy, their sound and their look mix perfectly and effortlessly. (Apologies to Mel, their drummer, for not snapping a picture of her. I ran out of film). We'll be doing an exclusive feature with them soon, so keep your eyes open for that. Until next week!

- Julian de la Celle