Brandon Graham shot by Sheva Kafai.


WORDS Julian de la Celle


Brandon Graham (lead vocals + guitar), Shane Graham (drums) 
Jake Stein (vocals + guitar), Kevin Baudouin (keys and vocals)
Zach Bilson or Adam Ditt (bass)

"I was born and raised in Los Angeles and that plays a lot into my music. The studio band is slightly different from the live band. I record full demo’s myself then go into the studio to have Shane record real drums, then have a few different people record parts here and there."



The Dandy Warhols
Simon and Garfunkel
George Harrison



"Dream Phases started as my home recording outlet. I’ve been writing and recording almost in unison with picking up the guitar. For a long time I led my own band, but over the last few years I’ve mostly been on the road and in the studio as a session musician for different bands. Between tours I’d write and demo songs and eventually I made a demo album. Once I had a strong idea about the sound and style of the band and once I had enough songs, I put together a band to start playing shows. Almost everyone in the band are friends that I have played with in other projects. I tried to handpick my favorite musicians that would fit with the style the music called for.

We did a residency in January at Harvard & Stone that sort of launched the band then went on a southwest tour to SXSW. Tomorrow, Lolipop Records will release our first EP called 'Maybe Tomorrow.'"



"Besides being obsessed with music, one of the reasons I wanted to be a touring musician is for the ability to travel the world. Although I love LA greatly, I constantly think about moving to other places like Austin, New York or Seattle. Spain and England would also be amazing places to live. It would be interesting to see how my music would change based on the locale."



"I’m also a big record collector, but not just records I still buy tons of CDS and some tapes. Anyway I can hear and discover more is great, because that’s where I draw some much inspiration from. My apartment is wall-to-wall music, with lots of movies too. If music is my passion, then movies are my main hobby. I watch the Big Lebowski and the Royal Tenenbaums practically bi-weekly and once watched the Big Lebowski everyday for a week." 


Brandon Graham shot by Sheva Kafai.


Julian de la Celle: What does music, and the ability to play in a band and make this music, mean to you?
Brandon Graham:
 As far back as I can remember, music has been one of the most important things in my life. I’m always drawing inspiration from writing, playing and listening. My dad played Willie Nelson songs to me while I was in the womb, then got me hooked on Led Zeppelin right when I came out! It’s really special to write and play music, especially with good friends and it means a lot to see my demos come to life with a band. 

Julian: How did SXSW go for you guys, was this your first time there as Dream Phases?
 SXSW was rad, it always is. It can be very chaotic, but if you go there with the right intentions you are almost always guaranteed to have a blast. It was the first time I’ve gone with Dream Phases, but have been many times before so I’ve found ways to navigate through it. We played one of my favorite shows in Austin at the Historic Scoot Inn. Great venue, awesome night. 

Julian: If there was one message you wanted people to take with them from this EP, what would it be?
 I’ve been CLEANING UP for ONLY YOU as you are my TENDER QUEEN in these hazy SUMMER DAZE I’ll learn to TELL THE TRUTH, well MAYBE TOMORROW.

Julian: Since we’re premiering the track “Summer Daze” tell us a bit about the track and how it came to be.
 "Summer Daze" is the oldest song in this collection. It dates back a few years to a band I had called Soft Sun. It was never recorded and probably would be lost if I didn’t use it for this. It’s a nostalgic song about having summer vacation from school and how I always looked forward to that break. Playing outside all day in the California sun, sleepovers, hiking, going on mini “Stand by Me” adventures with friends, etc… Now there is not much of a difference between the different times of year.  


Julian: What’s next for you for the rest of 2017?
 The plan is to continue writing a few more songs and then to record a full length record. We are working on a US tour for July and August with Mad Alchemy Liquid Light show. Dates for that should be announced in the next month or two. 


Catch them at The Satellite for their EP release show on Tuesday night, more info HERE.

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