WORDS  Conor Davage


     For Pretty Green’s latest Black Label collection, they have locked into the mid-60s as a catalyst for both social change and the birth of many staple menswear trends. More specifically the Peacock Revolution of that time, which has been a recurrent influence in menswear ever since. It is for this reason that this period holds such a prominent place in the items contained within the Black Label.


     This is most recognisable not only by the chosen styling of the lookbook, but also by the model's Mick Jagger bowl cut while posing on elements like carpets and arm rests which look well acquainted with vintage markets or aged living rooms.


     The clothing itself stays true to the central focus of the collection. Marked by floral and stripe patterns, materials like leather and suede and accompanied by a wash of pastel pinks and creams to cement the era of reference. Indeed, the collection is grounded in a nonchalance, achieved through neat, clean lines, and a ‘wear it how you feel it’ attitude.


     By way of their tribute to the Peacocks as cultural icons, the Black Label collection by Pretty Green has produced items which reflects their many forms. For a casual Peacock look, they have elevated the traditional track top with plush velour and overarm lace trim embellishments. For this collection they also introduced a Prince of Wales check mac, with slim cut, William Halstead fabric and concealed front bottoms.


      In sum, Pretty Green’s Black Label is rooted in modern menswear, built on a legacy of revolution, freedom and experimentation.