Red Bricks Foundation in Rome.


WORDS Julian de la Celle


     Red Bricks Foundation are Rome's Rock 'n' Roll saving grace. Fronted by model Lorenzo Sutto, the band also consists of Claudio Cossu (guitar) and Diego Gargani (drums) and reside in Rome, Italy. They've been hard at work writing new music and playing shows around Rome and now we finally get to hear their first single "She Wants Revenge" premiering here! The song is reminiscent of an early Arctic Monkeys with the edge of King Krule as well as something entirely of their own. Listen to the track below:


     Read our interview with the band below, taken from our "One's To Watch" feature in the AW16 "Brotherly Love" print issue, which you can purchase HERE


FOXES Magazine: When did you first meet each other?
Lorenzo Sutto:
I met Claudio during secondary school and we met Diego through our music teachers.

FOXES Magazine: Have you always lived in Rome? If not, where did you guys grow up?
Diego Gargani:
We all grew up in Rome, but we live in different neighbourhoods.

FOXES Magazine: Who are you most inspired by musically and/or creatively?
We all come from different musical backgrounds. Claudio and I are more linked to indie and 70’s rock while Diego is more fusion oriented. The most important thing for our music is the melody that comes from different musical places twisted by the beats that Diego provides us.

FOXES Magazine: If you could spend 24 hours with anyone alive or dead in the music world, who would it be and why?
Claudio Cossu:
Jimmy Page! I’d like to spend some time with him, see how he processed his signature cool Led Zeppelin riffs and have a good time. 
Diego: Mark Ronson would be my choice, I like the way he captures shades of different genres to blend them in one hell of a tune.
Lorenzo: I’d like to know what Robert Johnson was all about and all that selling-soul-to-the-devil-stuff.

FOXES Magazine: What do you think of the Italian music scene? Are there up and coming bands that you like and/or are friends with?
I think that we do have some great talents here in Italy and I think that our music is unique in some way, but artists that try to do something different don’t get the feedback that they deserve. There is a lot of quality pop and rock music but it is mainly snubbed by the big audiences compared to more easy listening and catchy singers.
Lorenzo: Yes, I agree with Diego. That’s why we’re trying to make something that is more fresh than the Italian mainstream music. This is our main purpose and this is what other bands stand for like our friends 3rd of January.


FOXES Magazine: Do you remember the first record you ever bought or that was given to you?
Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not by Arctic Monkeys.
Diego: Costello Music by The Fratellis.
Lorenzo: The Best of Bowie by David Bowie. 

FOXES Magazine: What about the first concert you ever went to?
I went to see XX when I was maybe 12 with my father and I remember him falling asleep during the gig, it was great, they weren’t that famous and the music was all over the place.
Diego: I went to Milan to see The Fratellis, my favourite band, and I liked them so much that I’ve seen them three times since!
Claudio: Arctic Monkeys in Rome with Lorenzo, what a massive gig! That was also the first time I’ve been rumbling to the sound of the music.

FOXES Magazine: What song do you wish you had written yourself?
“1612” by Vulfpeck, ‘cause that’s the code to my heart. (quote) 
Lorenzo: “In the Airplane Over the Sea” by Neutral Milk Hotel. Actually, the whole album is amazing but that song is really out of this world, sound of love, means a lot to me.
Claudio: “Little Wing” by Jimi Hendrix. That song is a goldmine for every guitarist, it gives you peace and quiet.

FOXES Magazine: Do you guys have a spirit animal?
A swordfish.
Diego: I never thought about how my Patronus would look like but if I get the Hogwarts letter, I’ll let you know.
Claudio: The deer from Jägermeister.

FOXES Magazine: What’s coming up for you guys? 
A 5-song EP, a video… and we hope the gates of heaven open wide.