London-based poet Sinead O Brien has just premiered the music video for her new single “A List of Normal Sins” via DAZED Magazine. The video was shot by photographer Chloé Le Drezen and features friends and local artists. Having just played on the same bill as The Brian Jonestown Massacre and John Cooper Clarke, O Brien is slowly making her decent onto the London music scene, but she has something that separates her from the rest: she isn’t just a singer or a songwriter, she’s a poet, and I mean a real poet.

Somewhere in the vain of Patti Smith and Bob Dylan, O Brien speaks more than she sings. Her songs are more like pairings of words and phrases that come to her in various ways which then get transcribed into her dozens of notebooks. One approach to songwriting includes writing from the perspective of different characters she calls “phantoms”. “They each operate on the masculine-feminine scale, there are even days that I wake up and I can write from multiple voices,” says O Brien. “Modern science really has no idea of the function of the unconscious. There is so much stored there, even inherited and passed on to us from the beginning of time and of human behavior.” She is currently working on a series of writings from these combined voices or personas.


January 26th: HATE ZINE @ 414 Club, Brixton

February 13th: supporting Whenyoung @ Electrowerks, London

Instagram: @_sineadobrien_

Listen to more of Sinead O Brien’s tracks here, and watch the video below.