WORDS Philip Livchitz


     Despite being founded in 1993 and having shot to international prominence in 2006 at Paris Fashion Week, Songzio is a relatively new brand in London making only its second appearance in the vibrant capital. The dually headquartered fashion house (Paris and Seoul) has made its name by eloquently blending art and fashion in its men’s collections through using its signature black suit as canvas, which is subsequently fused with warmer colours ranging from aquamarine to apricot. Since its debut during LCM last year, Songzio’s anticipated AW17 collection did not leave its audience disappointed.

     The collection titled “Misanthrope” featured elegantly cut black Victorian jackets, luxurious long coats and a range of neckties adding a hint of bohemian elegance to the overall designs. The prevalent use of fur, however, was not necessary in a time where many designers find alternate uses. The show at times had a sense of haute couture of old floating around it, especially through the contrast of wing-collared shirt against a backdrop of velvet jackets and well-tailored black trousers. The collection was also coated with a sense of ease through introduction of streetwear such as bomber jackets, garments containing hand-painted pieces borrowing from abstract and minimalist art as well as lighter knits. “Misanthrope” is a haunting narrative told by its designer, Zio Song, filled with a modern outtake on traditional tailoring, coincidentally not being afraid to collocate traditional haute pieces with a more modern approach.

     Songzio’s second appearance in London illustrated the full range of brand’s capabilities. It will come as no surprise, should the fashion house make its third appearance in London come Summer 2017.