White blouse by Kenzo.


FASHION Serdane Messamet
MAKE-UP Julie Christodoulou
WORDS Julian de la Celle


      "Fashion is sculpting a silhouette on a body with fabrics and colors, it’s fucking amazing! The problem is that it’s so easy to be superficial about it." 22-year-old Hubert Chiasson never planned to be in a band. After being heavily into freestyle skiing for most of his teenage years, he decided that that wasn't his passion and joined his brother Julien and their friend Remi for a jam in their parents' basement. What started as just a playful jam for fun turned into The Seasons. We spoke to Hubert about his androgynous fashion sense, his major creative inspirations and his hometown of Quebec.


Julian de la Celle: Hey Hubert, what are you up to right now?
Hubert Chiasson:
I am currently working on finishing The Seasons second album, finishing touring the first album, and writing songs for other artists!

Julian: Were you born and raised in Quebec?
Yes, born and raised! Quebec is a small town and I’ve had multiple occasions to move away from it, but I just like it here. Everything is simple, calm and kinda boring sometimes, but it keeps me healthy. Physically and mentally.

Julian: When did you first realize you wanted to play music and do you remember the first band you got together?
I was a lost soul back in high school, I had been into freestyle skiing for all my teenage years, I'd won the silver medal at the Canadian championship. I was talented but not passionate enough to be a promising athlete. One day at school I met a group of boys who had the same musical taste that I did. We became friends and I had my artistic coming out with them. We were fifteen years old, listening to Donovan, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, playing music, being weird and different. I’ve been writing songs non-stop since then.  

Julian: How did The Seasons form and how did you meet the other guys?
: 4 years ago my brother Julien invited Remi to play drums in our parents' basement. We jammed the three of us and it sounded amazingly better than anything we had known before. Remi brought Samuel who was the bass player in his other band and together we started The Seasons.


Julian: Who or what inspires you the most creatively?
Plenty of stuff but women have been a major inspiration ever since I’ve been writing songs. I love women, I find them courageous, charming and generous. I like it when they’re strong, I like it when they win. I guess I’m also inspired by women because I’m sexually attracted to some of them.

Julian: Aside from music, what else do you like to do?
I’m really busy with music so when I’m not doing it I like to sleep and do nothing at all with my lover. I also like to go to the shopping mall knowing that I won’t buy anything. I just walk around drink a coffee and go home.

Julian: Do you feel that fashion is important and how would you describe our style?
To me fashion should be treated like any art form. Fashion is sculpting a silhouette on a body with fabrics and colors! It’s fucking amazing! The problem is that it’s so easy to be superficial about it. I have a passion for clothing but I never make a big deal out of it. I’ve been tagged as androgynous and I’m cool with that. I’ve been mistaken for a girl ever since I can remember. It used to make me sad but I decided to embraced it and play with it. My girlfriend Noémie helps me and encourages me to push things further. Some people think that it’s all theatrical, but it’s not true. I have no stage persona and what I wear in concert, it's not costumes. 

Julian: What was the last song you listened to?
"Si On S’y Mettait" by Jean-Pierre Ferland (One of Quebec’s finest singer-songwriters).

Julian: If you could spend 24 hours with anyone in the music world, alive or dead, who would it be and what would you do?
Someone that is not alive but not dead either, someone that doesn’t yet exist. I would go into the future to spend 24 hours with the next upcoming music legend. Like the next Bowie or the next McCartney. We would go out for a drink and I would steal all of his or her tricks.

Julian: What are you currently working on next, maybe for The Seasons or another project?
When The Seasons' second album will be out, we'll go on a long tour. Besides that I have a lot of different projects. I’m planing on doing a soundtrack for a book, I’m producing my friends' solo album this winter, I want to start a French hard rock band, and much, much more. I would also like to play in a movie, shout out to the directors out there!