FASHION Lola Chatteron
WORDS Julian de la Celle

     We caught up with musician Tim Darcy on a sunny day in Primrose Hill in London while on an extensive European tour for his solo project. Equal parts Joseph Gordon Levitt and a young Brett Anderson, he's shy, a bit reserved, but still has a sense of humor. As we're walking across the street, a van almost hits us and the man shouts "Faggots!" Tim just looks over, blows him a kiss and a grin and keeps walking. If you're not familiar with Tim, he's the frontman of Montreal-based post-punk band Ought and just released his first solo album entitled Saturday Night. He almost embodies a Jarvis Cocker-esque persona when performing live with a bit of the eccentric nature of David Byrne. He's an enigma - even after having been present with him at the shoot, I still don't know who he really is. There's a mystery about him, something intriguing about the way he carries himself. It's an awkwardness that somehow also presents itself as confidence, it could be either one. If you do get the chance to see him live, do it, he's interesting to watch and his new solo album has a lot of really great tracks on it: namely "Tall Glass of Water" and "Still Waking Up". We're excited to see what direction he takes this project in, and what other things he has in store in the coming months.