WORDS  Conor Davage

     What happens when you fuse neatly tailored formal wear with the edgy, rock ‘n’ roll of biker culture? This is what occurred at the Dior Homme AW18 show in Paris, and the answer is a beautifully curated collection by the design house which boasts ‘Le New Look 1947’.


     The expertly crafted tailoring created striking silhouettes of the models who donned the pieces, with cinched waists and emphasised shoulders. These features were then accentuated further with belts worn over suit jackets and overcoats. For the most part, suits were styled with crisp white shirts, polos and striped knitwear. These represented subtle nods to previous seasons, only this time the ideas were fully formed and evolved.


     This can be seen in the unlikely combination of camel and navy double breasted jackets, bomber-style coats, and pin stripes with buzz-cut motiff-styled hair, repeated tribal patterns and flame graphics commonly associated with motorcycle gangs on Route 66.


     Other looks were styled like 90s teen skaters, which saw the same flame graphic emblazoned onto tees, worn over shirts and paired with elliptical sunglasses, baggy denim jeans and sneakers. The only autumn/winter add-on being a neckerchief and various sizeable off-the-shoulder bags to seal the ever-recognizable Dior Homme aesthetic.