WORDS  Justin Bieggar

     With an old school indie flare, Sweden's charming quartet Tella Viv are introducing their sophomore EP From The Cradle to the Kitchen Sink. For those who remember the days of one instant classic after another, take note – clean fuzz is back with an extra kick. But these modern times have developed new waves of digital sounds, and the guys aren't letting those go to waste. This one follows their debut, From Coast 2 Coast, released in 2016 just two years after their inception, when the band quickly found their niche and simply never left the studio. 

     Opening strong with "Rotate", we're set to a runner's pace with a dystopic melody and staggered signature. It's something akin to a manic episode that keeps destruction to a minimum and optimism at healthy levels.  The title is quickly announced in anthemic fashion and keeps a tight grip on our ears. We're pulled almost instantly into the soft spoken "Synergy", a direct conduit to the past with cloudy howls that fill the atmosphere and announce "Synergy echoes through my voice / don't need no radio".

     Muted keys set the stage for fuzzy synths on "Where Did My Heart Sleep" and spike the needle with soulful strength. Subtle breaks reflect the warm intentions of 60's R&B but don't deviate too far from the original path. The introspective lines take anthemic attitudes, further defining the road ahead for listeners from every walk of life. Transitions to "Juvenile Crime" take a more contemporary approach, with near hip hop beats and electro-futurist vocals guide us upward toward the stars. 

     We could call it contemporary indie with a surf accent, or even modern twee pop, but the truth about Swedish musicians is they have always had a way of eluding definition. Enjoy their work (Teaser video and full EP below) as they play us out of 2017 and into an even brighter future.