WORDS Nina Burrell

     The psych-rock void that’s been situated within the stratosphere of emerging music for the past few years has finally been well and truly filled in the form of Temples’ new offering, ‘Certainty’. With frontman James Bagshaw revealing his intentions for the single to be, “something playful and harmonious, but with a dark twist”, ‘Certainty’ takes us on a lurid rollercoaster ride of cinematic highs and lows. 


     After the glistening success of their debut album ‘Sun Structures’ in late 2014 and a multitude of headline dates all over the world, the return of the neo-psych group was hotly anticipated, with many wondering how the bands D.I.Y ethos could be projected into a sophomore album. Nevertheless, Temples still seem to have a wide range of creative control over their new release, with the Kettering four-piece also producing the song themselves. Offering us an insight into the creative process, Bagshaw revealed that “producing the song was as much about layering as it was about sparseness…the melody had to be paired with the right ambience.” By developing each sound on top of each other, ‘Certainty’ allows for a more considered and developed approach to more kaleidoscopic notions.


     Whilst ‘Sun Structures’ was a wistful, ethereal wave of sounds that transported the listener to the hazy days of the late 60’s, this snippet of the new album definitely seems to allow for a stronger, more melodic synth-enhanced sound. Temples seem to adjust to a new musical recipe within ‘Certainty’, with the pounding bassline being contrasted with a dreamy ambience that is surely perfect for a fevered summer festival set. The archetypal analogue sound on which the song is cemented also suggest a new direction for the band with a funky, intensified beat running throughout as the celestial vocals soar above and beyond. 


     Temples’ live shows have always been approached as sensory experiences, with polychromatic light shows acting as the perfect companion to the mystifying sounds. With their first headline show in over a year being announced for the 6th of October at London’s Oslo, I’m sure we’ll receive further insights into the bands enigmatic new exports.