Cabbage shot by Sandy K. Moz


WORDS Julian de la Celle

     For the past 5 months or so, I haven't been able to get Cabbage out of my head. Wether it be their song "Kevin" from their first EP entitled Le Chou, "Uber Capitalist Death Trade" off their 2nd EP of the same name, or most recently "Necroflat in the Palace," every song finds it's way into the deepest crevices of your brain and sets up camp. Up until last Tuesday, I had only had recordings to listen to but was thrilled to find out they were playing a show at Heavenly Recordings' owned The Social in London. They were up first even though I knew more about them than I did about the other two acts and, in my opinion, they should have headlined the night.


     They were electrifying, they were passionate, they were political, and they were exactly what music has been waiting for: someone to push boundaries while still making excellently written songs that speak to what's on everyone's mind. Cabbage is the kind of band you want to shove in people's faces when they say "Oh, there's no good music anymore and there hasn't been for 20 years!" I've been hearing that exact line constantly but it isn't that there aren't any good bands anymore, it's that people have stopped looking for them. New bands are popping up every day, and although some may not be very good, the majority are and to me Cabbage is on the top of that list. They're about to head out on a headlining tour in February with The Shimmer Band and April, grab tickets HERE.


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