The Wytches shot by Keira Anee


WORDS Julian de la Celle


     It's been about 3 or 4 years since I saw The Wytches live and that was in a small club in LA with about 12 other people - they weren't really known then, and still don't quite have a huge U.S. following. On the flip-side to that, The Wytches sold out the roughly 1,100 cap Electric Ballroom in London and the crowd was going insane! They're much heavier now than when I saw them for the first time and I really love the change in sound and energy. It's like watching a Bleach-era Nirvana when frontman Kristian Bell wails into the mic with that same raspy voice and the whole band plays off the energy of the crowd. They'll start a song off with a slow, psychedelic approach that almost seems hypnotic but then it'll transition into this wild, high-energy wall of sound. They've just released their new album entitled All Your Happy Life and just finished up a mini tour for the album. Hopefully we'll see them touring more soon, but in the meantime go check out the new album, HERE.