WORDS Kara Douglas

     The AW17 Tourne de Transmission presentation was accompanied by a set designed in collaboration with the art directer Johnny Buttons. The exhibition unveiled an illustrious collection, concocting a mixture of smart, casual sportswear and subculture influences alongside an androgynous silhouette to create a new identity for menswear. Johnny Buttons’ partnership with Graeme Gaughan on this particular project birthed a gritty atmosphere filled with an abundance of old billboards, squandered wood and vinyl posters that complimented the grungy edge of the model’s tribalistic face paints, flannel shirts and expressionless faces.

     The slack fitting combinations of dark cropped sweatshirts, falling too long at the wrists in company with the repetitive use of tartan and bleached buzz cuts, allowed Graeme Gaughan’s collection to achieve an authentic post-punk feel many struggle to accomplish without mocking the subculture’s heritage. The layers of different textures from waterproofs to frayed knits were paired with converse, bringing the collection directly into the streets. This granted Tourne de Transmission the ability to maintain an essence of accessibility whilst still allowing the brand to preserve it’s elusive demeanour. Gaughan united the enticing worlds of fashion and art by coupling the pieces with visual art exclaiming messages such as “CHOOSE YOUR ESCAPE ROUTE” in a attempt to provoke emotion from his audience. Gaughan seems to have mastered the art of keeping us wanting more, and with only four years under this brands belt we can’t help but wait with bated breath in anticipation for what more is to come.