Vivienne Westwood shot by Wanda Martin.


WORDS Katie Macpherson

     As an ardent political activist, it was no surprise that Vivienne Westwood chose to put sustainability to the forefront of her eccentric SS18 offering at LFWM. Featuring dancers twisting around in giant metal hoops, contortionists playfully bending into animal-like stances and ballerinas dancing gracefully, the show was outlandish and quintessentially Westwood.

     The clothes themselves were underpinned by an overarching message of global awareness. Pinstriped suits, gender fluid gowns in black and taupe hues and corseted dresses were refashioned in almost phantasmagorical ways. Models sported fishnet tights with rubbish crammed into them, a conspicuous nod to Westwood’s pressing environmental concerns.

     The show notes explained that a repeated black circle motif which bore striking resemblance to “spotty animal print” was in fact “the noughts which endlessly multiply money by 10 over and over. We only need a few to Save the Rainforest but billions disappear every day in global inflation.” This motif appeared alongside four interconnected symbols representing “Love, Free World & IOU”, “Greed, Rot$ Propaganda”, “War” and “Giants like Shell and Monsanto who rape the Earth”.

     The show culminated in Westwood gleefully riding the shoulders of a muscular model whilst donning a white t-shirt whimsically decorated with the word ‘motherfucker’. Typically, there was an underlying message at the heart of the show. By urging us to remain calm, Westwood passionately promoted her message to “Buy Less Choose Well, Make It Last”.


Ezra Miller at Vivienne Westwood.

Detox and Ezra Miller at Vivienne Westwood.